Treiler And Gameplay The Waylanders – Celtic Rpg From Chris Alellon And Inona Zura

Gato Studio showed the staged trailer and gameplay of their role-playing game The Waylanders. First of all, the authors have a steady names that participate in the development.

Over the game work:

Emily Grace Buck (Emily Grace BUCK) – former screenwriter TellTale. IN The Waylanders – Head of the narration.
Chris Avellon (Chris Avell1) – Writer Fallout 2 And Fallout: New Vegas. IN The Waylanders also occupies a scenario and works with Gato Studio over the past 18 months.
Mike Laidloou (Mike Laidlaw) – Former Creative Series Head Dragon Age. IN The Waylanders acts as a consultant.
Inon Zour (INON ZUR) – composer Dragon Age, Crysis and the latter Fallout. Writes music and for The Waylanders.

The plot of the game unfolds in two time periods – the era of the Celts and medieval Spain. Celts were preparing for the first time to meet with their gods. The people expect for the celebration and enlightenment, but the negotiations turned their disasters. Magic spank embraced land, and once peaceful kingdom plunged into the war for the thr1.

The main character discovers that it is no longer tied to time and can travel between the homeland and medieval Spain. The protagonist will have to find immortal allies to find out which fades of the resettlement of the souls overtook his mortal friends, and understand what is happening.

sources of inspiration The Waylanders – Dragon Age: Origins And Baldur’s Gate. Structure – Party RPG. Combat system – real-time tactics with active pause. Promise several endings and deep caustization of the character. Satellites like u BioWare – With them you can lead long conversation and turn novels, and also to deal with their past and perform loyalty mission.

The Waylanders Comes out somewhere in 2020 on PC through Steam.

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