Trailer for combat skipping season “Heritage” in Apex Legends

Trailer for combat skipping season “Heritage” in Apex Legends

Today, May 4, in Apex Legends Starts season “Heritage”. As it should be, he brings with him themed combat pass – he is dedicated to the fresh trailer.

For the purchase of skipping, the legendary coloring “Path of the Snake” and three new rare appearance of legends. And for the passage of daily and weekly tests you will receive bonuses for experience, coloring, music sets, download screens, emotions for flight, provocations, and so on.

Among the particularly valuable awards, which can be obtained for the performance of the tests – the appearance of “Chitroma Kitzune” for Rampart at the 25th level, the legendary appearance of the “Demon’s whisper” for Raif on the 50th and the legendary variable of the Coloring “Bone Cross” for “dedication”on the 100th.

The remaining details of O “Heritage” Search in our news.

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