Farewell DLC trailer for The Last of US

Farewell DLC trailer for The Last of US
Gloomy thriller about terrible fungal infection The Last of US From day to day will receive its final addition. Grounded Bundle Diversify multipleer four new cards – “Water Tower” (Water Tower), “Verf” (Wharf), “Capitol” (Capitol) and “Coal Mine” (Coal Mine) – will expand the range of skills by eight new peppers and replenish the arsenal of weapons FourNew guns.

Note, Grounded Bundle Not only will add fresh content to the multiplayer mode, but will be a great reason to re-pass the game – on the supervised level of complexity of the Grounded Mode. Even the most skillful fans who have studied The Last of US Along and across, can survive a serious shock, faced with pleasure opponents who will not leave them the rights to mistake.

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