Valkyrie Trailer – New Apex Legends Character

Valkyrie Trailer – New Apex Legends Character

One of the main innovations of the coming season “Heritage” for Apex Legends – Legend of Kairi Imahara nicknamed Walkiriya. You can learn about her abilities from the video just below.

Like other fighters, Valkyrie possesses three skills:

  • Tactical – swarm mini missiles who disorient the enemy and cause damage to him.
  • Passive – jet quarrel allowing you to fly. Fuel reserve is limited, but over time is replenished.
  • “Utal” – a sharp rise in the air. Allies can cling to Valkyria and take off with her.

Also, the new season will bring the onion onion “Boatsk”, a changed map “Infected Olympus” and the Arena Competitive Mode, where two teams are fighting for three participants. About the “arena” read and see here.

Heritage” It will start on May 4.

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