Triumph Announced Age Of Wonders 3

All the time that Triumph Studios Ballen all sorts of “overlords”, some of us were grimaced gloomily, that it would be time for the Dutch to finally take up the mind and return to the strategic series Age of Wonders. Which despite his relative youth (the first part was published in 1999), about the same time he wore for the classics.

But the justice remained in this world. Or maybe, simply our individual turmings were heard by someone fairly responsible and competent. That’s why Triumph Announced today Age of Wonders 3, Well, very long-awaited sequel. According to the leading design designer Lennart Sasu (Lennart SAS), Release is scheduled for autumn this year. If not transferred. Because quality is above all.

Also Sas Reported that the game is in development from 2010, and a certain “big partner” gave money to it. Considering that the first part was created in the Commonwealth with Epic Games, It is the last thing that can be the most “big partner” to be. At the same time, the developer said the partner, and not the publisher. Although what difference is the main thing that gave money. And we learn his name in the near future.

As for the gameplay, he, apparently, radically compared to previous parts will not change. Again there will be a great hero (Sorcerer, Dreadnought, Theocrat, Rogue, Archdruid, Warlord or some more class), leading his empire to power. Step-by-step fight will be preserved at an initiated form, so an ancient is expected among the multiplayer modes, but still beloved play-by-email.

Built-in script editor will make it possible to generate an unlimited number of cards, and post-cell DLC will add new heroes and classes, magic items, spells, locations and campaigns. Unconditional cheers and hopes for the fact that waiting will not be an excessive test for patience.

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