Truckers 2: Council (Tips and tactics for the game)

After Shakhty there will be a gas station, and behind it a lapel to the right, then we overcome a small roll, go in a circle, and we see a passage in the mountains, and behind it a secret tunnel. If you pass it and do not get lost, then you will soon find yourself on the road to Almaznoye, bypassing the whole mafia, etc..


It is better not to go into Diamond without normal headlights! Until you reach him, you will break the whole car! Before you go, it’s better to check if you have a trailer, otherwise if you arrive and it turns out that you don’t have a trailer it will be very insulting … After all, it takes so long to go there, and when you arrive, there is not even a gas station there … In short, no sense to go there! If you only bring a load there, big money will pay 40-50 chunks! And if you go on exploration it is better to take “Storm” – a cool car! When the mafia asks to slow down, it is better not to slow down, because they will take such money from you … And when you get out, it’s better to wag your backside so that you can’t get hit! Don’t run into the police either – it’s better to buy a radar – 800 bucks fine!


There is a secret road to Almazny between the South and the next city to the right of the South (I don’t remember what it’s called), or rather between the gas station and the repair. You only have to go through the mine. Good luck!


There is a hidden road to the southwest of Nizhnegorsk, which greatly simplifies transportation to a number of other villages. It passes through swamps and requires working headlights to drive through it at night..


By the way, in order to fit into corners without slowing down, you need to use “full turn”. By default, the Ctrl key. (also “full throttle, brake”). Absolutely all cars pass the steepest turns at a speed of 95-127. Good luck racers.


I do not advise you to go to the village of Almazny, especially without a load, and there is nothing to do with a load. And if your car is worse than Scania, then it’s better not to go at all. The road there is bad, there are a lot of turns, then you have to cut up the mountain, and as soon as you come into this mountain, the black shark flies there. If you go idle, you fire to kill! And as you leave the mountains, the desert begins, the road is not visible, I advise you to skip ahead of the enemy (this is if you are driving with a load) and follow him, and then overtake him at the base. They don’t give much money, and while you are driving, you will spend a lot.


If you decide to drive a tractor and haul trailers, then it is best to take a truck with three axles !!! Two-axle tractors are a complete ****: they accelerate slowly, do not fit into turns, and if they do, they will certainly be swept away. Of the three-axle ones, it is best to take … KAMAZ. It goes, of course, slowly, but keeps on turning !!! All other tractors go fast, but the turns…


You must immediately change it at the ZIL parking lot for a Gazelle. Then go nearby and fancy it. Then you can go to the Bay and take the load to Klyuchi and, at the eight, immediately cut off to the left past the Overpass. And you make all the suckers.
And so several times. Then go and Hire. And after you have about 20-22%, you can gradually change the cars to steeper ones. I have all white Merciers. Etc. Put bells and whistles on all the cars. Against the mafia and the police helps 911 a couple of times and armored glass.


After the start of the game, I advise you to leave the South in the direction of the nearest service station, where you can buy a truck without a trailer !!! – take a ride in the direction of the Shakhty, attach a tanker and make your first trip to the gas station, after earning money, I advise you to upgrade the car (if you have not already done this) – add a force engine, and all the gadgets except a cargo scanner are not needed (honest pioneer). until you lose your pulse, but only the pager will receive a message about the races, press “T” – remember the place on the map where you left the semi-trailer, and forward to the Ring: there you will not have any problems with those turtles, and 30,000 will not hurt….
Transfer to a truck and take part in the race for the transportation of cargo (I advise you to choose a long route – there are more chances to arrive first), having earned a license, hire any carrier – I guarantee further growth of your capital … do not forget to transport freestanding containers yourself…


Between the villages of Borovoe and Shakhty, if you go FROM the mines, there is a turn on the right along the road (to the mountains). Not even one turn. Its very poorly visible. Located about halfway. If you turn there, wander in the mountains (there is a small area), you can see a tunnel. The tunnel inside is confused, but if you go uphill, then it means Diamond. And back from the mountain. This is the same secret road that the man spoke about in the video. You can go to Diamond without ordering. And if you take a semi-trailer with you, then the profit from industrial diamonds increases 1.5 times. True, it is difficult to drive there with a semi-trailer, but it costs $ 35,000 per trip …!


There are two types of cars in the game: trucks and tractors. Trucks carry cargo on themselves, and tractors pull it along. When creating your own company, it is most profitable to hire drivers on Russian trucks. they are cheap, fast and efficient. If you always want to arrive first, install all the bells and whistles on your car. When you are everywhere and always first, then it’s time for you to buy a tractor, the best is if it is three-axle, this is the best road holding. If you are on a tractor and have delivered a load, then do not rush to get rid of the trailer, with it you can take orders in any village. It is best to drive big cars so that the mafia, and all cops could be hit, and the load will increase with power.


At the start, I advise you to exchange ZIL for a GAZelle (there are a couple of parking lots at the fork between Shakhty and Priozersk). The gazelle is less spacious, but faster. Buy in “STO” a good frame, navigator (required) and now you can take cargo to Diamond.
Near Almaznoye there is a desert. There is a tactic “Skip a competitor – he, they say, will show you the way (and what is the navigator for?). You can drive along it very well … the desert is not continuous – it consists of passages between the mountains. You look at the navigator which And if you missed your opponent, then all the “cream” goes to him, and you come first – you will pay off the car for the trip … after earning money it is better to buy a small (you can use) tractor. (with a tractor you feel much better there). Before the ring, there is a gas station and a “STO”: they must be visited MANDATORY, you need to put a big tank..
Having come first, you will receive a good amount and a license, there are no second and third places. There is also another very profitable, but VERY dangerous business: buying up stolen cars. On the Priozersk-Bay highway behind a bush there is a “Mers” for 30 thousand – we buy. With a successful turn of the case, we give a bribe, and the cost of a wheelbarrow rises to 72 thousand.
Sell: 72 – 30 = 42 – minus the amount of bribe (~ 2000) – ~ 40 thousand. If you fail to give a bribe, you will be punished with a fine (~ 40 thousand). The car, again, will not be listed in theft and the price will also rise – in this case you did not lose, but the amount of profit is not large (~ 2 thousand) and is not worth such trouble. But the risk is huge: you can easily crash your car, then rip off a 40 thousandth fine, you will call rescuers, or accidentally break at least one rule and you are bankrupt – the game is over. In case of a successful operation, look for similar things again. Not to be confused with open cars – they are just used cars that need to be repaired. And remember! Your first goal should be to buy a good car from the parking lot, the second to create a company, and only then to find secret roads. In the case of using codes, interest in the game decreases sharply!!!

Storm and Renault are most suitable for a trip to the Diamond.
I advise you to buy a CARGO SCANNER at the beginning of the game, with it you can determine which car you buy and what you are carrying.

Go broke and put all the bells and whistles on the car.
If you have bells and whistles, then you should not be afraid of the cops chasing. If you are going to buy a car and cops are sitting on the tail, try to get to the place of purchase and buy a car and the cops will leave you behind.

If you want a joke, then turn on the turbine mode, turn over and press Ctrl + 4, you will see the whole game world…!

The easiest way to find your way in the secret mines in Diamond is to turn right where possible…

There is a secret cargo of approximately $ 1,000,000.
It is located on the river, flowing between Priozersk and the Bay.
There is a bridge on this highway, you need to turn off it and go to the left (if you are driving from Priozersk), there will be a container. Take it and blow it into Diamond without competitors and the time is practically unlimited. Get money and build your trucking empire.

Don’t buy such garbage as a navigator and radar detector – a waste of money! The navigator will not tell you where it is better to turn, it just warns you what the next turn will be, and in the opinion of the NAVIGATOR, i.e. if you go as expected!
If you want to take a shortcut, drive a secret route, etc., then he generally goes crazy and stops showing anything! the same garbage with antiradar – it just warns that you are being flogged by cops. Moreover, if you are flying at a good speed at this time, then there will still not be enough time to slow down, except that the penalty will be smaller. Believe my experience (and I had enough for 90% of the market) – if you drive according to the rules and roads that are drawn on the map, you won’t earn a damn! and the first place on a good flight will pay off all fines!

If you blow up all the stops in the city, you can get about $ 1,000,000, and remember to do this in 20 minutes.
Then you go to Yuzhny and buy a helicopter (from mafics).

Many wrote that using cheats you can drive cars, but this is not the case.
To drive oke, BMW, Marero and other cool cars, you need 100% of your traffic. For me personally. All machines meet their real characteristics.
To buy a car (it just isn’t for sale), you need to drive up to the parking lot, where there is a car and stand in front of the door of the car you want to buy, but that’s not all! You still have to wait until some truck or tractor passes next to you, when it passes, then you will have a sign that you can buy a car! That seems to be all.

People, as soon as you have enough money, buy Storm, and go to the secret mine in Diamond. There, take diamonds from the third dock (precisely from the third) and roll to the destination along the MINES !!! This is very important if you want to get it. … … 100 licenses for 50 minutes On arrival, you will not receive any money, but you will receive the very licenses. Then you break through (without cargo) to Almazny along the road and take cargo from all the docks at once. You will receive 100,000,000.

In the directory with the game there is a file (notepad) mess in it there are different inscriptions that are found in the game
Example: “STOP the car IMMEDIATELY” they can be covered “For repair press pause and type slallcheats”

You can edit messages in the game.
For example: so that instead of “POLICE” in the radio there was the word “COPS” You need to open the game directory, find the mess.txt file there and change the parameters in it. Then the game will be very funny!

Open the directory with the game, find the “MUSIC” folder, open it and paste YOUR music into it. Those that were, if you want, can be deleted.
Launch the game and listen to what you like.

We are going from the Bay in the direction of the Keys, then before one fork there will be a Help, immediately after the Help we begin to huddle up to the rock on the right side. After searching a little, closer to the intersection, drive into the rock (you will not crash, but drive through it).!

There is a hidden road that simplifies delivery from Elnino.
If we go from Elnino to the north, we turn to the right – through the fields, meadows – we get almost to Priozersk.

A truck with a load of 4,000,000 is standing near the Pereplyukino river.

If you go from Nizhnegorsk to the bay, then there will not be a big bridge, go under it and there will be a load of 3,000,000 on Almazny, believe my experience, I have 95% of the market.

If you are going to go to Almazny, it is best to buy a GAZelle to put a reinforced frame, a forced engine, an additive in the engine and tires of an all-terrain vehicle. GAZelle on those roads is hard to digest and accelerates well.

In order not to get lost in the mines, at the entrance, turn right, and then through one, i.e. left, right …. Come where you need to. Checked. Good luck!

If you want the fastest truck, then buy DAF! Personally, I accelerated to 230 km / h with a load! Good luck!

If you drive cargo from Priozersk to the Bay through Elnino, you can significantly shorten the path along the river. To do this, on the road to Elnino, go under the bridge to the river and follow the coastline. Where there will be a ford across the river (and you have to go along it), there are boards, as if someone had already skated here and got stuck well, respectively, on the other side of the river there are also boards, where you need to reap. Departure almost at the very Keys. Good luck!

I recommend ZIL with ALL upgrades (except antiradar).
Ride it on the longest routes and races, get money and licenses, hire a driver. As you control about 8 – 10%, change the car to Peterbilt 379 or Navistar Eagle (the car of the main character from the movie Black Dog). These are tractors. Hitch trucks and forward in Diamond times about 10 – 15 – 20. It is very tiresome even through the mine. But money – heaps! We continue to hire a driver. 20 – 25% and the money flows to you like a river. You can put on the cops – they will not bankrupt you with all their desire, only take care of the cargo – bullets do not take him in a cargo truck, but in a wagon. And so on to the victorious end in 51% of the region’s freight traffic The game is very simple, completed in 8 hours.

Here’s my little advice, do not change the ZIL to the Gazelle, but as you start playing, then from the beginning put the suspension, the engine afterburner, the additive on the ZIL, and for now this is enough. The first flight can be made to Priozersk from Yuzhny, I managed to come first and there, in the parking lot, you can get a license to hire another ZIL. Just try not to get caught up in history. This is how your financial empire begins. Here’s some food for thought, I captured 97% on one ZIL! So there is something to think about!

In the secret mine, make ALL turns to the LEFT, this is when in Diamond and vice versa.

it is better to make the first trip from the southern one to the hall. press and you will arrive first. near the hall all your rivals will go to the second turn and you tear to the first. after you get a license there, go to the side of the roundabout there in the parking lot there is a gazelle with a marina, boldly take it, then upgrade the car and do not spend much. Carry cargo after you have saved up money, change places with the marina, then find a cheap used car near a hundred at once for repair. it will still cost you less than a new one.
and then on the way. the flag is in your hands, and yes, behind the mines after the gas station, there will be a turn on the right road, there is a secret road to the diamond one, but it is better not to go there by a tractor.

I advise you to first change the zil with a semi-trailer for a zil tractor, then go to the oil plant and take an order for the transportation of gasoline, but for this you need to pick up a barrel. And so carry the gasoline until the end. Then take the order and come first, then hire the first chela, but first they will incur losses to you. But soon the profit will go. I advise you not to take the chela on the storm from them only losses. I do not advise you to go to the diamond one. Until you finish the whole wheelbarrow you will break it. It’s better to go to the Storm or to the scania. I advise you to put headlight protection. You will be tired of repairing the wheelbarrow. Better to put a scanner cargo.Thanks to him, you can determine the load or wheelbarrow.

After 62%, the following cars are opened: Oka, Ven, VAZ 2106 and white Gazelle.

If you go from the city of Almazny somewhere through the tunnels, you can save some gasoline (if you don’t put an extra tank, then there will be problems with this gasoline). The fact is that the tunnel from the entrance to the exit goes downhill. The car rolls by itself. So it interferes with turning off the engine and rolling. The speed is enough to drive without stopping. Just slow down in time.

There is a small feature in the game: when buying a used car, call 911 (they will take $ 1000 from you and say that the car is used), after this simple manipulation, the cost of the car increases almost 2 times, i.e. you can get free money.

If you want to buy cars near the South, then go to the service station, there will be a wheelbarrow, so in the game, take the walkie-talkie and find the wheelbarrow seller in the radio, ask for the necessary wheelbarrow and it will be delivered to the South. I do not advise you to buy from the mafia, you will give money, but they will not bring a wheelbarrow.

If there are repair work on the track, you can save and then boot immediately – the repair work will disappear (will appear in another place).

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