Truckers 3: Conquering America: Tip (Hacking Money with Artmoney)

You can hack with the help of Artmoney (AM) the amount of money, but actually nothing else is needed. Track. Thus, during the search in AM, it is necessary to search not for integer values, but with a point, and after finding it, change the values ​​to the left of the point. This is for those who know how to use AM

Now for those who do not know how.
1. Launch the game, load
2. We look at the amount of your money, remember the number.
3. Minimize the game and launch AM
4. In AM, select the process Truckers 3 or, as you call it, you can see it below (on the taskbar)
5. In AM, press the “Search” button. We put “Type” “With a dot” and in the line “Value” we write the number of your money in the game.
6. We restore the game (without closing AM) and buy or sell something … it doesn’t matter that the main thing is that the amount of money changes. We remember the received result.
7. Minimize the game and restore AM
8. In AM, press the “Filter” button and write a new amount of money in the “Value” line.
9. If you still have many values ​​(more than 3-4) in the AM in the address column (left), repeat steps 6, 7, 8 until it becomes 3, ideally 1)) (more addresses are possible, but no more than 8 otherwise the game crashes)
10. Now when you have 1-3 addresses left, use the green arrow “add all” (it is located right in the center of the AM window), transfer the addresses to the right window.
11. There, in the “Value” column, change everything to the left of the comma (you can do it entirely, but it sometimes throws out the game for some reason) maximum 999999999.
12. Restoring the game and enjoying the mulion)))

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