“Two-Dimensional Dark Souls” Death’S Gambit Starts In Mid-August. See The New Trailer

Death’s Gambit – two-dimensional role-playing from the studio White Rabbit, which suggests itself on comparisons with Dark Souls. For example, death here is also part of mechanics, the combat system requires skills, and the world is made in the style of gloomy fantasy. With the output of the announcement trailer, good three years have passed, but only now the authors Death’s Gambit Ready to declare the release date.

The game starts on August 14 on PC and PlayStation 4. Steam can already be issued pre-ordered for 419 rubles. Paying in advance, you will receive a set of starting items Chosen of Death: Spit, shield and hill. According to the development of developers, these things do not break the balance, but simply allow you to look more about.

Developers also talked about some details on PlayStation blog. Every new meal with opponents in Death’s Gambit It will try to be unlike the previous ones: the types of enemies can be repeated, but combinations with a surroundings and arrangement will require different strategies.

Death in the game – part of the incessant learning. Developers want to kill you not for their own whim, but so that you do not commit one and the same mistakes. At the same time, death in the battle with the boss will not pass without a trace: you will be awarded with the points of experience depending on how close you are to victory. Thus, it is possible to avoid superfluous “farm”. In addition, some pieces of plot will also require the death of the chief hero.

White Rabbit wants to extend the pleasure of gamers from Death’s Gambit and prepares a “new game +” and the heroic regime. When you defeat the boss, you can call it again on a duel. It turns on the heroic regime: the bosses appear additional abilities, so new battles will be much more complicated.

Trailer with the most terrible opponents Death’s Gambit You can see here.

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