Two Worlds 2: Advice (How to get through the maze of tombs (chapter 1))

Background: at first, in these dark labyrinths, I tried to walk blindly – for each tomb I killed half an hour of blind poking into the same walls. Then he tried to independently draw a map of the tombs with dead ends, branches and other things. and Only at 8-9 tomb did it hit me.
There are barrels in the tombs. they are not accidentally located there. barrels are what will tell you how and where to go. They are located so that on the way to the main palace from the exit – they will meet you on the way only if you go right. Those. if you feel that you haven’t met the barrel for 10 seconds, turn back. The barrel also shows us the direction of the turn, i.e. if you have a move to the right and left, and the barrel is at the intersection, but on the left side, then you are left.
I hope my advice will help you.

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