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Save the world, cut off the heads of the dragons, to hold the horns of the demons, carry a pretty princesses from the fire and generally do goodness to us so often that it is already bored. Veterans of the genre from Obsidian Entertainment, put a hand to many cult RPG, do not know about it. And therefore in almost all of their games allow them to do in bad. But they, and their colleagues “evil”, as a rule, is limited to rudeness in the dialogues, refusal to spare some important bump or reluctance, for example, to help the gray senior to look for his missing staff in the cave – for a variety you can kill him and leaveThirdness to himself. To do as a real villain is allowed there, but in some local situations and limits. At the same time, we still have to break through the dirt in the prince, save the world and feel the last hope of humanity.

Well, or evil is shown in the parody key, as it was, for example, in Dungeon Keeper And Overlord. And here in Tyranny almost for the first time in the role genre Obsidian was able to go beyond these limits – very and very evil here you can be all the time, and not a joke for the sake, but exclusively in ideological reasons. And at work.Tyranny game review“Kraft” and enchanting objects in the game is not, but there is a very interesting constructor of spells.

“The law is me!”

To break through anywhere Tyranny no need. We initially play an official endowed with great power – for the top of the fate, such a prosecutor in the service of Tirana (or Tiranta? Even the locals do not know for sure) Cairea, who keeps a huge empire in his huge mittens. We are sent to one of her remote and still not conquered corners to announce the magical edict of Tirana to announce the conquering troops. If the resistance is not broken, all will die.

If you think that this is only a seed for the subsequent insight and the heroic overthrow of Tirana, then mistaken. You can go against Cairos, and you can try to be as peaceful as possible, but it is only one of the events development options. No one hits you, on the contrary, to maintain loyalty to Tirana. And even in a more or less “kind” version of the development of the plot without blood, executions and smaller evil can not do.

Our hero from the very first minutes opens any door to the foot, Hamit the strong world of this or so expressively looks at them, that those begin to shake the scene. He’s immediately wave to do so, as he wants to execute, pretty, to endure very hard and cruel decisions, to force the captive as a sign of loyalty to kill his own relatives, burn the villages, help some one faction, enter into alliances, and then betray themor run yesterday’s allies.

Power, as it should be intoxicates and makes even those who always prefer in role-playing games to seek peaceful solutions to problems, discard all the constraints and release on the will of their own demons. Say, finally, I can pull out full, so as not to look for shameful compromises, but simply beat the rude interlocutors in the stomach, to execute those who looked at, stuck and even kill their own partners (not all, however), if they areThat interfere. And solve dilemmas in the spirit “just let go of a person with a message to your enemies or shove him a note in the mouth and push with a high tower?”. To speak, the message turned out in full and bright “TridE” ..Tyranny game reviewIn the interruptions between battles, our hero can use pigeon mail and conduct an interesting correspondence with important characters.

New sad world

All this obscurantism is largely due to the world the events are unfolding Tyranny. Your partners with a stone face can tell about how their children died or committed with them, as they were cut out before entering the troops of Cairos, half of their own village or how with the help of Magic forced their own father to commit suicide. Another example – Initially, the cruel warrior from the scarlet choir and the soldiers of the OPL soldiers will be traveled to. These are two fractions hated by each other, forced by the will of Tiran to cooperate. And these characters treat each other, respectively – even though they are … native brother and sister.

However, you will repeat, you can try to keep the human face even in the midst of this vakhanlia Evil, look for some peaceful decisions, to prevent and select words in the dialogues, struggling with the temptation to kill, execute, to be sad and generally do it very hard and brutally (although it isThis is also inclined by the logic of the game itself, and the features of her universe).

In any case, the level of nonlinearity shrinks. And all the solutions are understandable, have their own consequences. They are expressed in how the plot will develop, who will become a friend, and who is an enemy. Or you generally climm with everyone and go expensive lonely and very evil wolf.

Before the campaign, you can pass a prologue (or just answer questions), during which there will have to take many solutions – they will determine how the main characters and factions will be treated with you, and will open unique replicas in dialogues. Also when generating a character, you choose his biography – he can be a soldier, gladiator, diplomat, and so on. This also affects further events in the game, allowing in some situations and dialogs to use unique to each particular knowledge.Tyranny game reviewTyranny made all on the same Unity engine.

Reputational risks

In addition, the authors modified and supplemented the reputation system from Pillars of Eternity, Therefore, all your actions immediately reflect on relations with partners and with numerous fractions. They can perceive you favorably or, on the contrary, be afraid and angry. And in that, in another case, new levels of reputation open special skills that allow you to use unique techniques in battle or give certain passive bonuses.

It looks like this, of course, somewhat strange and illogical: Even if her spray spread out with someone, you still do not get a pen under the roof in a dark door, but more or less useful skill. It is also not clear why we can quietly collect a coalition against Tirana, even knowing that his minions are closely followed by us, without any fear of reporting to the authorities and in general, no longer afraid, I have nothing to get into the open rebellion?

And why in this case some partners who loyal Cairos are slightly concerned about, will continue to serve us, killing their own conifers and yesterday’s combat comrades? However, this, apparently, the inevitable compromises, when you fly so nonlinear cloth and do not want the player who chosen such a path immediately poured the plot and all sorts of relations with the oppitations.

Cool game without classes

In addition to reputation compared to Pillars of Eternity The authors also finalized the combat system. These are all the same familiar and very difficult battles in real time with the active pause and the ability to set up the behavior of companions in battle, but now the special emphasis is on the use of joint skills. For example, a warrior from the scarlet choir can be thrown into the air so that it will be aiming several piercing armor arrows. And the oath of athi from the school of tides is able to raise the whole batch in the air, where to emit a lifeful for his and deadly for opponents of the Moonlight. To save the balance, such ultra-skills were allowed to use or once for the fight, or once a day – to restore them, you need to get settled for the night.Tyranny game reviewWithout puzzles in the next RPG from obsidian, it is clear, it did not cost.
Changes in the role-playing system are even more noticeable. First, in Tyranny No classes as such – at the start, I repeat, you only choose a biography and a pedigree character. And then you can develop it completely freely by creating, for example, a magician that at the same time perfectly shoots from Luke and runs in heavy armor.

Especially since all the skills here “pump out” as they are used, approximately as in the series The Elder Scrolls, That is, the more often your magician will use a bow or staff, the faster its skill of possession of the weapon is growing. But the basic parameters of the character “pump out” for the points of the characteristics issued upon receipt of new levels.

In addition to combat skills, support skills are very important – especially such as “hemita”, “knowledge” and “Athletics”. In many situations, the game is checking as far as they are developed. “Heathrower”, for example, helps to detect traps, crack the castles and fool the interlocutors. A fairly developed “Athletics” will help and scatter in the dialogs, and go to the River Vzhod, and climb on the cliff.

My houses are my fortresses!

As in Pillars of Eternity, The main character has its own fortress. Yes not one, and at once five, between which you can instantly move. Each is allowed to hire trainers and merchants and build useful buildings like a lazaret or library, which give their unique bonuses, if you do well here. But also to serve all this will have to be from a personal wallet.

Despite the presence of five fortresses-spiers, in general Tyranny – The game is less large-scale than previous creation Obsidian. There are no huge cities here, less interesting side quests. In this case, the authors focused on a total nonlinear and non-standard plot, which allows in which ages to recoup the ideologically evil and cruel hero – and, of course, succeeded in this.Tyranny game reviewAgainst the background of Tyranny, rude replicas in other role-playing games seem to be a sample of politeness and correctness.***
Many were initially perceived Tyranny as a sort of transient for Obsidian Project, by-product Pillars of Eternity, designed to fill the emptiness waiting for a full-fledged PILLARS OF ETERNITY 2. And all these promises about the opportunity to play an evil character are, they say, the figure of speech, advertising, and everything will eventually reduce to the salvation of the world. It did not boil, and the authors did not deceive: we got a full, albeit less large-scale than Pillars of Eternity, The game in which to win the present evil is much more interesting than to save the world once again.

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