Fallout will have another official toy series

Fallout will have another official toy series
If you did not have time to predict yourself a collection version Fallout 4 With a wrist “pip-fight”, then the company FUNKO Ready to offer you other pleasant baubles on your favorite universe. Very soon the pronuncutor will release a series of fun toys that are so asking for a shelf of any devotee fan.

There will be seven figures: the soldiers of the Brotherhood of Steel, the Claw of Death, Wild Gul, a leaving from shelter in the male and female versions, Supermutant and, of course, Volt-battle. The price does not bite: 12 dollars in the store Bethesda or 10.99 on Amazon. True, it is not very clear when toys will appear on sale – whether today, or on August 4. Now they can only be pre-equip.

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