Ubisoft mocked the inhabitants of Los Angeles

Ubisoft mocked the inhabitants of Los Angeles
Company Ubisoft Decided that a long series of promotional rollers in honor of the long-awaited premiere of action in the open world Watch_dogs Well, not enough and there is also a booze to the heap, and expensive mockery of the inhabitants of Los Angeles.

The essence of the joke is to allegedly give a simple passersby to feel like steep hackers like Eiden Pier, who is enough to click on the button in the phone so that the whole city is in his power.

By the way, for those who suddenly want to repeat the leaving, Ubisoft presented at the same time and video about how “hacker” the joke was organized. Looks, of course, funny. But, the Christmas tree sticks, there are enough trailers to striculate – let’s give!

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