Ubisoft Develops Three Assassin’s Creed

Ubisoft Develops Three Assassin’s Creed
Fans Assassin’s Creed continue to doubt that the idea of producing per year on the game is good. BUT Ubisoft continues to assure them that the idea to produce a year on the game is good. And these doubts-beliefs last two years already, and the end and edges are not visible.

At the current E3, another assurance that the series is all right, I received a journalist of the site Kotaku. And got at the highest level – personally from the head of “Yubei” Iva Gilmo (Yves Guillemot). The big boss stated the shark “Word” that right now the publishing studio is developing three games about Assassins.

He, of course, did not say what. But IV assured that the developers have enough time to make not just wonderful games, but with innovations. And the publisher has enough developers to produce assassins.

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