Ubisoft won $ 13.2 million in court.

Ubisoft won $ 13.2 million in court.
Lucky French Ubisoft, Calling to the help of a mighty legal office Greenberg Glusker, Won in court Mgm Entertainment, Owner of a puppet franchise Bratz.

In 2002, the latter entrusted the development of the game based on UBI dolls. But after a year, for some reason she was impatient to withdraw all the development and sue the court to quite reasonfully indignant French. However, the famous Publisher, anything that was owned, filed a response claim, which accused MGM in a rough violation of the contract. The last claim was satisfied, and now frivolous patrols will have to pay $ 13.2 million compensation.

And the rights to the virtual embodiment of BRATZ are now stored THQ.

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