UFO: Extraterrestrials: Tip (Hacking Saves)

Editing sаve files through “execute” (you can also use the total commander, where the actions are almost the same):

open start / run and open the seve files with the command:

“E: \ Games \ UFO Extraterrestrials – Last Hope \ ProjectX.exe” saveeditor.xscr unpack slot0
(“E: \ Games \ UFO Extraterrestrials – Last Hope \ ProjectX.exe” is just my path to games, others have it different)

where 0 is the number of the save slot that you want to use.
This team is the production of 3 text files.

You can also find weapons, armor, guns, shields, rockets, alien artifacts, etc. if you find the first (this is what is in the warehouse at the base) or the last (this is the store) a large column with numbers from 0 to 123. change the second number, for example, change the amount of the best armor this is 64 you will write “64 0” where 0 is the amount scolding now. change zero and you will have the amount of armor that you want example: 64 9999 and you have 9999 of the best body armor and the same amount in the store. some items will be available only after study (if you do not study but put on, then at the end of the battle it will kick out) here is the entire list:
0-45 – weapons;

0 – pistol;

15 – laser pistol;

21 – plasma pistol;

27 – ion gun;

46-51 – grenades;

52-54 – first aid kits;

58-59 – shields for the brain;

60-64 – armor;

101-105 – aircraft;

106-112 – air cannons;

113-118 – rockets for aircraft;

119-123 – aircraft shields.
Open globeSave.xsv in any text editor.
Change the value after ‘actualFinance’ to 2,000,000,000
to get a lot of days.

Find the value:
agilityACT / agilityMAX, braveryACT / braveryMAX,
perceptionACT / perceptionMAX, shootingACT / shootingMAX,
strengthACT / strengthMAX, throwingACT / throwingMAX,
vitalityACT / vitalityMAX
and change their value to 100 for maximum statistics.
Also, if you find the inscription rank 1, then you can safely change it to 12 – this is rank. There is also an inscription experiens – this is an experience. Bet if you want 7500 – this is the maximum.

Technicians and Scientists
are responsible for the speed of development and production.
To reduce the build, change the value of ‘build’ to ‘true’.
The ‘storeItems’ value is responsible for the collection of items on your base.

It is also possible during a ground mission, having saved after doing an aperation on opening files with commands, a new mission file will appear in it, you can change the number of lives of your own and enemy units (but if you put your enemies at 0 lives, leave at least one alive to complete the mission) for this, look at the very end “HM” (without quotes) and change the amount of life for the mine and for the wounded, I do not advise you to put more lives than it was originally, I often freeze or change the life of the enemy to 0 and the unit with 0 lives is naturally

during unpacking and packing, a black screen appears, just fold it

thanks to other players, without them I would not have figured it out myself

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