Undertale: Video Game Overview

Yes, yes, we all know. The game, after the passage of which some people admit that they do not know how to continue to live and what to play;which has one of the highest ratings on Metacritic in history;which, moreover, is made by one person and looks like a ridicule over time and modern technologies, sold by millions of circulations and put forward in the largest Western sites on the title of the best in 2015 (and not in some 1985-m!) year, – this is this game called Undertale We have missed. Although many in the editorial office, of course, saw, passed and sprinkling their head ashes, were going to write an overview. But everything somehow did not grow. Now has grown.

Denial syndrome

Naturally, I also felt the famous syndrome in medicine, which is probably almost all who start playing in Undertale. In my case, it can be described by approximately the following words: “What … I do here? I also have Vampyr not passed, 2B won from the desktop ukriznantly skeys a skirt, and I play it???”

Indeed, the modern spoiled gamer first minutes to pass the creation of the American Indi-Developer and Composer Toby Fox (TOBY FOX) almost physically hurt. On a small screen, the little girl, whether the boy named Frish fights with frogs and some kind of crying mosquito, communicates with the goat that is open, or a cow named Toriel and solves the riddles of the level “Find for a column green button” or “Move the stone on the platform ». And even periodically falling through holes in the floor and returns to felt the right path, – and so to repeat ten times. Very exciting ..

Komarikov and frogs can be soldered and not killed, with Toriel allowed to chat on the phone, and at the entrance you are met by a talking flower, as if escaped from the shooting of the horror movie. All this is complemented by jokes in the spirit “Why Skeleton is so sad? Because he feels lonely “and the next story. Once people and monsters lived in the world, but then quarreled, and all the shaggy, clawed and other animals and strange creatures were expelled under the ground. In this dungeon fell Frish, and now she needs to somehow get back. We have missed UndertaleMonsters also want to rest.

Input warning

In places, all this, of course, can be called funny (especially flower), but no more. But in general – some kind of kindergarten, by God. So sorry, thank you, but I need to go, we are there with Dr. Reed much more serious questions decide … I said, came up to some stone that you need to move to the platform, and he’s suddenly like a bunk: “Hey, easier! Want to move me? And at first it was weak?”Strained, I moved and was going to go through the trap, but the stone tears from the platform, and in response to my surprise look no less surprised asked:” And what it was impossible to sall?”

In general, as you already understood, I stayed. Me as an amateur abstract surrealistic humor Boris Viana (He has a “foam of days” a door handle revived!), it became much more interesting. You may become more interesting for some other reasons. But in any case, you also do not run right away with the cries “Help, pixels kill eyes!”, And give Undertale chance. And she will open up so that then it will not break away ..

Jokes for their own

Formally, and in fact, Undertale – This is a parody JRPG in the spirit of icing EarthBound (it is including Toby Fox and inspired) and South Park: The Stick Of Truth, which rises the clichés of these most Japanese (and not only) role games.

All standards of role gold in place. Periodically, the characters are filled with enemies, for victories in step-by-step battles (something reminded is reminded Wizardry) He gets glasses experience and coins for which you can buy something from merchants. In place and automatic pumping characteristics with increasing levels, and fights with “bosses”, and chests, and hotels where allow you to rest.We have missed UndertaleDangers in this world mass, but not everything is worth taking for a clean coin.
That’s just with the “boss” and make friends, and then write down his simple number in the ph1. And when in the first shop you press the “Sevement” button, the tattered and shaggy shopper will ask: “I am those Lombard, or what?”Next to the bench is a hotel, the son of the owner of which tells you:” Mom assures that sleep can restore health to the maximum oz. And what is oz?”And as a healing potions here can perform a piece of snowman. And the more you bite it from him, the less he becomes and the greatest of him ..

Gone and puzzles. Funny skeleton papyrus, amateur of rebus, shararad and royal guaranium, here can a minute to confuse a minute, for which cells need to go through what happens if you stand on a blue, purple or green cell, and you, barely holding back smile, already understand that everythingThis is a tuft. And indeed, you can go through any.

Beat or not beat?

But the main thing – battle. Here is this branded, system-forming opportunity for the game not to kill enemies, and chat with them, flirt, shaking the hips (some shaggy jelly will happily sway in response), joke, threaten, distribute the compliments to their caps, flatter their jokes, shoot onPoor deer gifts and what else just do not do to reduce the degree of the aggressiveness of the enemy and finish the battle without mutual bloodshed, is at first it looks exclusively as a parody of standard step-by-step fights.

If you decide to beat, then here you are waiting for an ironic surprise: and your enemy attacks are decorated in the form of mini-games. And to avoid grave bodily, most often needed, just like in the dammaku-shooters, to wavy the heart among all the taks flying on you like tears ghosts. But there are funny exceptions – sometimes you need to avoid huge axes, dump from the jump of a frog or dog and even to smoke the heart through obstacles. We have missed UndertaleToby Fox loves dogs, so there are especially many of them here.
Cheerful surprises wait and enemies. When the same papyrus, during a fight with him, will prepare his super powerful attack, then it will take some frightened cat (or who it was?), and then with it, under the perturbed cries of the skeleton and run out of the screen.

Laughter to bones

But this is not a purely production comedy, ironizing over genre cliches. This is in principle the excellent and intelligent comedy of the absurd, which is hardly inferior to the work of the same Boris Viana, Harms Or, I do not know, “Monti Paiton”. Dogs playing in Kabaki in poker with themselves (and, it seems, losing) or involved in the snow, “waiting for it to turn into art,” and one skeleton argues that people happened from skeletons.

You begin to admire the text Toby Fox, his humor and how perfectly he prescribes characters. The same papyrus who dreams to ride along the long highway so that the wind waved his hair, and the sun shake his skin, and which in the social network remained exactly 10 to a two-digit number of subscribers – this is something at the level of Morte from Planescape: Torment And heroes Grim Fandango.

Such characters, like, for example, the lu-nagged girl of Chara or already mentioned bloodthirsty flower Flaui, forever remain in memory. Why, almost all the key heroes and villains Undertale Stay in memory ..We have missed UndertaleMake friends with the “boss” who recently wanted to kill you and go to visit him? Such in Undertale is possible.

From soul or without soul

The most important thing is that the player himself may be the hero or villain. because Undertale – This is not only a comedy. Maybe not so much. Banal kind of plot gradually develops into something more – in history about the soul and soullessness, hate and forgiveness, kindness and ruthlessness. There is an indicative of the phrase, seen in the local library: “Love, hope, compassion – they say, the soul of monsters consist of. In the end, people showed that they can exist without soul “.

Therefore, the world ceases to seem just a funny paleon, inhabited wonderful freaks. Monsters live here almost like people – dress up a Christmas tree, make gifts, go to libraries and bars, they have their own kings, political patterns and insidict intrigues. And so on this world you can walk with waters or with a smile and stretched for a handshake with hand, more precisely, the baby’s palm. If you wish, almost with each “boss” you are free to disperse the world, without finishing it, and then also become his friend, having passed a funny mini game.

World, work, die?

It may be a drama, both melodrama, and tragedy, the final of which you determine ourselves. Here we come to the most important thing. Let’s make the view that you do not know about it, and I declare with an important look that the game is allowed to be allowed in three ways – genocide, killing all enemies and key characters, pacifist, without killing at all (and not receiving experience, only money!), or neutral, killing someone, and somehow there is no. And the very opportunity to spare opponents in battle is not just a joke over step-by-step battles, but a key mechanic that affects all the passage.

Each of the three options opens not only different endings, but also some plot branches, affects what NPCs are found, and which no, what they say and so on. Accordingly, ideally, of course, you need to go through Undertale three times. That’s just better at first “on genocide”, and then “on the pacifist”, and not the opposite. Because I do not understand how you can kill those who have already become a friend ..We have missed UndertaleUnderstand, beat and spare.***
If the thesis is faithful that video games are called upon to create new wonderful worlds in which you want to believe, Undertale – more than visual illustration. This is the most magic wardrobe with the portal to another reality, where you can meet the most unusual friends in the world, where everything is possible and from where it really does not want to go back. Toby Fox invented a very bright and lively universe, and even accompanied all this ingenious music. Therefore, I want to disassemble the game not only for quotes and on your favorite characters, but also on the tracks for your playlist.

Someone, of course, will say that all this is designed for “zadrotov-autists” who prefer to be friends with pixels, seeing new world and new friends in cluster and program algorithms, eating them into a cult, and then inventing them about themcomics. Can say so, but it is better not to say, but try yourself. Moreover, if you wish and out of ideological considerations, you are free to destroy all this fairy tale nafig. Unless, of course, you can make determination.

Pros: chic plot, humor, characters and dialogs;the opportunity to go through the game without killing anyone at all;different endings;Brilliant music.

Minuses: The game is still somewhat or later ends;Not the best visual style.

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