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In the genre of Western RPG, where everything has long been invented and outtassed, it is difficult to surprise something and stand out. Therefore, rare exceptions, like Planescape: TORMENT and DISCO ELYSIUM, are perceived so warm. The authors undungeon were clearly inspired by the first. Here, too, there is a multiverse, divided by plans, many incomprehensible names, wonderful beings and races, and we play for the immortal hero, the messenger who meets the characters, well remember him in the previous cycles (and he does not remember them). Naturally, to the level Planescape The game does not swing, but still it turned out interesting.

Save our nuclei!

INUndungeon very unusual setting, but I, as a person, just inspecting the last two series of original “Evangelion” (people who know what porrows is going on in my head!), at first it was almost physically difficult to clearly perceive more. Therefore, I will allow yourself direct quotes that it is happening here:

Once measurements were hollow spheres. On the inner surface of their world matrices were the berths with nuclei, they connected dozens of planets … The core of the creation gave the gods settled in the measurements to create new worlds … But the nucleus is rudely broken, and it failed in his own center, forming. Shift shifted the laws of reality and ripped the planet. Now they slowly disintegrate with the laws of the Universe. And the measurement matrices fall into the abyss under the mass of the gods living in them, and the only thing that now connects with reality – the sutra leading from the core of the Court to the core of the hub ..

Undungeon: Overview

Here even some enemies speak riddles. Literally.

Osili? Understood something? And you say, “Evangelion”… But the essence of the end is simple – the task of the immortal messenger is just to prevent this final decay and the fall of the worlds in the abyss. And for this you need to activate the berths with the kernels in each measurement, to attach them to the hub (in fact, this is our base), to build a noev ark (yes, literally) and then kill the local god – it will save part of the mortals. When we do this in all available dimensions, it will turn out to build a new reality, that is, actually save the world. Although our messenger looks like a messenger of death itself.

Undungeon: Overview

Yes, it is the face of our hero.

Heart for replacement. And brain

In order not to torment you further, I will say right away – despite the all of the above and a bunch of woken words / titles, we are engaged in the usual affairs. The Bulletin travels on the map, finds and pays for new locations, meets there merchants or bandits, communicates, fights, performs quests, pumping out and collects resources for the construction of the ark.

Undungeon: Overview

Yes, there is a measurement of ku. Remember Kin-Dza-Dza?

All new craft opportunities are gradually opened in the hub – we make equipment and medicines, grenades, other consumables, we utilize unnecessary to new resources, create implants. The latter are actually organs, but the essence is still the same: making and installing a new heart / brain / eye / skin / leg / gastrointestinal tract in the corresponding slot / leg / gastrointestinal tract, we increase certain characteristics or, such as in the caseWith gastrointestinal tract, increase the effectiveness of treatment. There is even a social body that gives bonuses to allies and discounts from merchants – and what kind of body it is so wonderful, you will learn already ..

New organ recipes learn right in battles. And after you can spend an autopsy and remove the necessary “ingredients” from the enemy body.

Undungeon: Overview

In battles when applying heavy wound authorities, let’s say so, fail.

Having accumulated enough essence (there is experience), I do not pump the character, and its kernel, but the essence is again familiar and understandable: each level increases the parameters of the messenger and opens new cells for the installation of runes (give random bonuses to characteristics) and nodes. The second is artifacts that differ from the rune in that they give constant effects. And even the same nodes can be combined into more powerful, paying a specially trained master for this by Essence, that is, actually already received experience.

Undungeon: Overview

The core of the character, by the way, can also be changed to a more advanced.

Tell me what is the tank, and I will tell who you are

Of these details and develops not the uniqueness, but the specificity of the gameplay Undungeon. For example, the enemies here are pumped right in battle as damage is applied to us. That is, some small spiders came across the great immortal messenger – and now one, two, three stars light up over him, and it is becoming more difficult to kill him. This is no longer a trifle, but an important and interesting chip.

In battles constantly have to move jerks.

In addition, each type of weapons, bibs and masks, put on the character, gives their skills. Some claws, if you hold the appropriate button, allow you to damage everything around, others – make a jump to the goal. One mask allows you to make a controlled jerk with a scatter behind Ming, the other makes us for a while invisible and increases the speed of movement. That is, changing gear, we, in fact, change and style.

Undungeon: Overview

Pay attention to the emotions of opponents.

Other chip – the presence and artifacts, and equipment that increases the chance when performing certain actions (like the use of consumables) directly in battle to call for an ally or any creature. As a result, it happened that I did not even notice in the heat of a fierce fight, how the walking flowers and huge frogs joined me.

Undungeon: Overview

And here is some kind of mosquito on my side.

The battles themselves go in real time, but they can always be paused to change the type of consumables, which there are a lot.

Undungeon: Overview

It is realized, in fact, not very convenient.

Immortal solves the problems of mortals

Amazing, but in the worlds that seem to be destroyed and fall into the abyss, life beats the key. As I said, moving around the map, we constantly open up new locations: nest, bandit camp, temples, farms, attack us or offer us to stretch, and the communicator of the messenger is even replenished with information – someone wants to meet his productsor sends a disaster signal.

Undungeon: Overview

Eyes naturally scatter from abundance of options where to go and what to do.

Quests, including bye, quite a lot. We are looking for a lost animal, deliver fertilizers (the immortal is taken for such!), try to fulfill the order for the killer, hunting a huge animal for the sake of a valuable shell, find out what the mysterious organization arranged a hunt for us. The last quest is especially interesting: in the process we will go to the bar moving between measurements, where they gave us an order, and communicating with the bartender will remind the film “John PEC”.

Undungeon: Overview

Sometimes right during the dialogue, the Bulletin can dematerialize the interlocutor.

It is often given a choice, how to do, – the goal of Killer will tell his version of the story, and the lost animal will want to get other comrades. Once I had to act as a judge, solving the fate of the gangster, who seemed to terrorize the camp of merchants. Why “like”? Yes, because he has its own version of what happened. But the verdict for us. And all the solutions increase or reduce the karma of the messenger.

Undungeon: Overview

It’s nice to feel like a fate.

And yet I just did not have enough interesting, non-linear, communication-oriented and research assignment. Because often anyway everything comes down to battles and resource collection. It is clear that interesting quests and characters do not go anywhere, and the fights here, as I said, in my own way unique and tense. But still, in such an unusual and developed setting that causes the association with Planescape: TORMENT, I want to see even more nontrivial situations. However, this is personally mine.

Some bosses can kill one blow.

On the game page in Steam Authors Undungeon They write that she “rethinks the genre, combining the spirit of the old school and fresh, modern design”. In fact, this, of course, is not so – nothing she does not rethink there. It’s just a good, good-quality Action / RPG with a pair of interesting chips and a very cool setting, in which there are even notes Planescape: TORMENT. And she could be even better if the authors had a little less fell on the collection of resources, and more (even more!) – for quests, dialogues, nontrivial characters and moral choice. However, in this form, undungeon deserves the attention of the fans of the genre.

Pros: Non-trivial and well-worked setting;Coloric characters;the abundance of scene and side quests;good texts that are nice to read;Fascinating gameplay in the traditions of action / rpg, but with their chips;Interesting finds in battles and in the role-playing system;pleasant pixel art.

Minuses: A constant collection of resources and a large focus on Kraft gradually begins to be fattened;Not everything is convenient in the interface and how is the work orientation implemented.

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