Unmetal: Video Game Overview

As Dr. Bulls said, humor is chocolate. Especially if it is a self-ironym from developers who are fucked over stamps in video games. Spaniard under nickname FRAN makes it professionally and for quite a long time. His most famous work, UNEPIC, came out in 2014 and paroded the cliché in computer RPG Рthere we played for the gamer and an amateur of scientific fiction films, which teleported in the game where dark spirit settled. Then, in 2016, there was a metro Ghost 1.0, also equipped with excellent humor. And now Unmetal came out, parody at the same time on Metal Gear Solid and typical militants from the 80s in style Rambo. And this is perhaps the funniest game from Fran.

Comedy strict regime

Main character Unmetal– It seems to be an ordinary hero of American militants Jesse Fox, however, they are accepted for Russian: he managed a shot down Soviet helicopter. About how it happened and why his for the crime he did not commit, they were thrown into prison (and no one ran out of her), Fox tells at the interrogation.

It will be a long, amazing and fascinating story – since Jessie still run out of the chamber with wire and toilet paper (this prison is inopened exclusively people named Mike – here the largest concentration of Mikes in the world!), and ending with how he fought with tanks and wang from helicopter on a rubber boat.

Unmetal: Overview

Now he will say: “You are arrested for a crime that did not commit!”

Jesse will not be bought on details, in the colors describing their exploits and, it seems, having brew. After all, he tells the same story and a pretty girl after a while after interrogation. He, of course, is not particularly believed and asked the details. “Mr. Fox, where did you still take the rope? And how the 10-centimeter wire in a 5-centimeter compass?” – does not calm the officer at interrogation. “I’ll tell you later”, – Jesse is calmly replied until he brings it to a boil.

Unmetal: Overview

Why, why … after all, there are lyt!

He instats it as follows: it goes into a new location where it is empty, and it begins to compose that, they say, there were so many guards here, here – barbed wire, there – dogs and so on – and all this in our eyes begins to appearFrom the air. Or we ourselves decide how much, for example, the guards will resist him.

So we actually regulate the level of complexity.

But these are still flowers. We decide how much the tental will be at the next boss. And it’s not a fact that the number four means less than six, it may appear four dozen instead of six tentacles. In another situation, it depends on us, who will be in the next location – enemies or … flock of sheep.

Unmetal: Overview

Our hero moves through this herd with a turtle speed.

One of the most fun moments – when Jesse with our help declares that he was surrounded by one or two rats, and the crowd rodents. After that, it turns into a piece of cheese and starts to run away.

Unmetal: Overview

It happens to the music from “Benny Hill Show”.

However, our brave hero applies not only imagination, but also a mixture. So, he can put a wound to himself in order to him the trunk doctor, following the oath of the Hippocrat, began to not kill him, but heal. Not confremening and issuing himself for his (also for Mike!) when you meet one of the guards in the sort. By the way, we are preserved in the toilets. And for fast savors we use a portable pot. True, he is immediately filled (they say, Jesse drank from fear), and, while we are not emptied in a sorter, fast conservation will not be available.

Unmetal: Overview

Our translation here, Russian ..

Hide, laugh and bay!

However, the main weapon of Jessie Fox is not a fantasy and a sense of humor, but stealth. Numerous guards better eliminate imperceptibly and quickly, submits from behind, and then search and hide the bodies. If it is necessary to cut down only fists, then the chloroform will be available, which first must be mixed in the inventory and apply on the handkerchief. True, when you first use it, Jesse will not stand and pulled out of pure curiosity. Consequences you can imagine. Well, what can you say – sometimes Fox enters as a round idiot.

Unmetal: Overview

What we decide: the guard was sleeping at our appearance or awake?

If Jessie will notice, then the elimination of the experiences of the experience that are needed to obtain new levels. On each he chooses one of two useful skills – it can be an increase in the speed of movement, the ability to carry more first-aid kits, apply a double damage under certain conditions and so on.

Unmetal: Overview

In case of alarm, the opponents begin to run by crowds.

During hide and seekers, there are also mesmerous situations. Some guards betray each other anecdotes, and we need to imagine the moment to imperceptibly soak while they laugh. Or we encounter a sneezing guard (also Mike, naturally) – and if at the time of the next chica we will be in the visibility zone, then Jessie on the machine will wish him health, and he will thank and only then raise the alarm.

Unmetal: Overview

Of course, such a story will not work without a beautiful girl.

However, Unmetal – This is not only a comedy, but also hard, sometimes even hardcore action. Each hit leads to bleeding to stop. And Fox kill literally a few shots – no humor and an email here. And situations when you have to take outdoor fight, too grabs. To do this, you can use a gun, a slingshot shooting with balls from uranium, flamethrower, rocket, and also kuvoke.

Flamethrower old and overheats, so burn they need carefully.

Plus, there are often dangerous traps – for example, you need to move homemade bridge through the sewer water and leave the way with a drip carrying on us.

Therefore, it is often often often, especially in fights with bosses, when there are nontrivial conditions – so, one of the bosses attacks us with huge containers, and the other needs to be neutralized … globe.

Send this weapon on the desired trajectory is not easy.

Unmetal – Surprisingly vigorous, at the same time, the scolding (author, naturally, the case transfers hello to the early releases of Metal Gear Solid) and the difficult stealth action, in which there are not only stealth and action, but also search for secrets and items, forever increasing characteristics, quest elementsand testing tests. But the main thing, there is an excellent humor in it – even when the characters begin to repetitively to jerk something in the spirit “And bring 12 batteries, and then I will help you!”You see conscious reference and irony about typical quests. So I strongly do not recommend missing – and get a serious challenge, and let’s get together.

Pros: excellent parody plot;funny humor;bright characters;Fascinating gameplay;Gorgeous music.

Minuses: It happens that the game makes us run in a circle and perform quite boring orders;Not everyone will immediately get used to management.

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