Until The End Of September, Fallout 76 Will Receive A New Map For The “Royal Battle” And Raid

Main News Quakecon 2019 You already know – Bethesda showed fresh gameplay Doom Eternal and presented classic trilogy Doom For topical platforms. But did not forget the company and about Fallout 76 – She announced that the game will soon receive even more fresh content:

• August 1 – the seasonal event “meat week”, participating in which players can get summer items.
• 13 August – Adding perics to “Nuclear Winter” mode.
• August 20 – showcase for C.BUT.M.P., With the help of which you can boast your most valuable equipment.
• August 20 – Reid in the shelter 94. Up to four people can take part in it, which will be offered to execute one of the three missions in weekly rotation. As a reward for the passage, legendary items are relying.
• September – Map in Morgantown for “Royal Battle”. Location located on the banks of the Monongahil River will offer vertical gameplay due to the abundance of destroyed buildings and will collide players with such serious threats as Grafton monsters.
• September – improvements in player feedback events, including a new awards system, rapid movement to locations with events, more informative track tracks and other.
• September – legendary seller whose offers are changing every week.

In addition, the developers recalled the preparing supplement Wastelanders, Wherees besides NPC will include new settlements, “points of interest” and factions, including the cult of Merota. According to the authors, with the arrival of the DLC game will be more like Fallout 3, rather than on the fourth part – for example, dialogues with characters will depend on the reputation of the player in certain fractions.

Finally, the studio stated that private servers will appear “earlier than you think,” but no specifics followed.

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