Update 1.33 Will Make War Thunder’S Combat Technique Realistic

MMO-simulator of military equipment Times World War II War Thunder Preparing to upgrade to version 1.33. The need for the release of the patch is dictated by historical authenticity. Probably, the developers once again shed reference literature and found that Novekhonkaya combat equipment in those times was too big luxury. Often, green newcomers got fastened cars, who survived not one fierce battle. Therefore, they had to sort out them for a long time, change worn parts and weapons.

Approximately the same manipulations from now on to be done and users War Thunder. On this occasion, the list of parts of aircraft that can be replaced, healthy will expand, the players will have more opportunities to modernize the technique. To the gamers have money to repair, the cost of all airplanes will be reduced by a third.

According to tradition with the coming update, new aircraft will be added, this time even jet – Soviet Yak-17, British de Havilland DH.100 Vampire FB.MK.V and American Grumman F9F Panther and Lockheed F-80 SHOOTING STAR.

As the producer notes War Thunder Pavel Kulikov, Most of the changes are determined by the users themselves, exchanging opinions on the official forum, and the developers are listening to them: “We continue to improve and optimize the graphics engine War Thunder, We add new types of weapons and ammunition, we are improving physical and aerodynamic models of aircraft, improve the behavior of artificial intelligence, correct errors and inaccuracies. As in past updates, the authors of a large number of changes have become our players and many ideas and suggestions from the official forum found life in version 1.33 “.

With a complete list of changes that the update will bring 1.33, you can find on the official website of the project.

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