Jason Jason’s face in Mortal Kombat X

Jason Jason’s face in Mortal Kombat X
From today not only owners Mortal Kombat X – Kombat Pack, But all other fighter users can purchase for eight DLC bucks dedicated to Jason Vurhis.

This bloodthirsty maniac from the film franchise “Friday, the 13th” is known not only to his machete, but also a permanent hockey mask. Those who have already involved Jason in Mortal Kombat X, know that in the game he goes constantly in a mask. However, the craftsmen from the testyourmight forum dug up a modification for a PC version called Camera Hack, which opens the true face of the killer.

Probably, Netherrealm Studios did not plan to demonstrate a novice without his famous mask. Although it is nice to note that the developers did not regret the forces and time to still work out his herue physiognomy.

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