In Arkham City Transport will not

In Arkham City Transport will not
How do you remember the game world Batman: Arkham City there will be much more than that we chase for a joker in Arkham Asylum. Now we are given on the bars the whole city, crowded with psyches, schizophrenics and eager to deal with the eared hero in the raincoat. In this case, it would be quite an obvious solution to add various means of movement that would help quickly come to the specified point on the map. Yes we do not ask much because – the appearance in the Batmobile project would be more than enough. But our desires and dreams decided to dispel the developers themselves.

“IN Batman: Arkham City There will be no technique that could manage Batman. Instead, we focus more on the hero itself and its special abilities. It’s all done because we are all in Rocksteady We see Batman as a “perfect car”. That’s exactly this hero and will need to manage, “the very idea of the appearance of Sefton Hill, head of the developers, head of the developers team itself.

Well, the expansion of the list of useful gadgets for the study of the most secret zakulkov we will have to be considered compensation for the lack of cars. By the way, on December 11 will come out the release of a new trailer Batman: Arkham City.

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