In Hunt: Showdown on consoles appeared crossplay

In Hunt: Showdown on consoles appeared crossplay

Before Hunt: Showdown On Xbox One and PlayStation 4 renewed 1.3. Among his key features – cross-play between consoles facilitating the search for partners in the matchmaking.

According to Crytek, Currently, cross-play is slightly limited: if you want to invite a friend to the group, he must play on the same platform as you. But if you are looking for random comrades, then you can throw someone from another console – such oncomes are indicated by the gamepad icon.

Among other features of the update 1.3:

  • New opponents – obsessed doctor and spiny armored,
  • New time of day – Sunset,
  • New Equipment – Two types of weapons, fixture and skill,
  • Improving the screen of death and lobby – you can view a partner closer and explore the enemy’s equipment that killed you,
  • New Legendary Content, Including Hunter and Weapon,
  • Various technical improvements, corrections and straightening of balance.

IN Hunt: Showdown For PC Update 1.3 started in mid-April, however, cross-school between consoles and computers so far.

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