Valve Broke Up With Richard Garfield – Author Magic: The Gathering And Artifact Game Designer

Artifact Now is in a deplorable state: the public throws the game with negative reviews, and the audience has decreased in a couple of months. Maybe, Valve also loses faith: the company refused the services of the main game designer of the game.

Richard Garfield (Richard Garfield) – the author of the icing Magic: The Gathering. He was one of the key developers Artifact. Garfield not listed in the state Valve and worked on a contract for a contract as a partner from the studio Three Donkeys. Site artibuff found out that the day before Valve terminated contract S Garfield.

In comments for Artibuff Garfield admitted that parting with Valve Not for him surprise: launch Artifact It turned out to be too problematic. Game designer calls other reasons. First, after the release of the game, the speed of decision making was more important. And the more votes in the team, the longer the decision is accepted. Secondly, now expertise from Three Donkeys Does not have such a big weight as it took before: Valve Worked S Garfield more than four years and probably learned to think like him.

Note that recently Valve 13 people left, but what they did, to the end unknown. They say part of the dismissed worked on virtual reality. ARTIBUFF suspects that the team hit the abbreviation Artifact: Twitter games are silent from December 22, 2018, and the last patch came out on January 28 – since Valve Like water in the mouth scored.

According to Artibuff, the second set of cards for Artifact (as well as updates in general) will come out later than once planned Valve. In addition, this year was going to hold a multi-million game tournament in the spirit of The International – Apparently, it will either post for an indefinite period, or will be canceled at all, writes Artibuff.

From myself add that controversial monetization, which strongly handled Artifact In the eyes of the players, most likely was built under the supervision Garfield – He’s like game designer and creator Magic: The Gathering Surely influenced cash mechanisms. At the same time Sam Garfield In the comments for Artibuff recognized that he was nice to work with Valve, but Artifact He considers high-quality game. Garfield ready to give recommendations for development and further to ARTFACT achieved that recognition that deserves, according to the game designer.

Over the past 30 days, the average number of one-time players in Artifact Mounted 605 people. Peak for all lifetime – 60,740 people. He happened on the wave of release High November 29.

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