Valve Hired Developers Kerbal Space Program

Some time ago developer Roger Landin (Roger Lundeen) was mentioned that Valve I took the command of the cash register Kerbal Space Program. Valve I did not hide and confirmed – it really is so.

Landin Krane held the position of the surroundings designer from 2010 to 2013. Now he works in Turtle Rock, But some bonds, apparently, he remained. In the Game Dev Unchained Podcast Landin told that Valve still invites you to work distinguished models. For example, he brought authors Kerbal Space Program РThey say, joined Gabu Newell (Gabe Newell) about five or six months ago.

It is worth noting that Landin somewhat mistaken by acting. Kerbal Space Program Рit is not a mod, but quite an independent game. Her circulation, if you believe SteamSpy, exceeds 1,700,000 copies. Probably studio Squad, Creator Kerbal Space Program, remained independent, and in Valve Frames crossed by employees.
At the end of last year it became known that Squad Eight people left immediately. According to rumors, it was the backbone of the team. Manual allegedly performed managerial mistakes and arranged unbearable labor conditions. So the eight of the developers and g1. IN Squad, According to the same rumors, there are only two developers, a team of testers and a small team of community managers.

Apparently abolished and there are those developers who settled in Valve. In the comments for PCGamesn, the creators of Steam confirmed that they really took the authors to themselves Kerbal Space Program. What exactly they do, it is unknown, but Valve promises to reveal the details soon.

Maybe it will not even hats for Dota 2! At the beginning of the year Gabe Newell argued that in the walls Valve Three full-fledged games for VR are created and working on solitary adventures is underway.

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