Valve Veterans, Riot, Blizzard And Bungie Founded A Competitive Game Development Studio

TheoryCraft Games – a new studio, which was founded by the veterans of the gaming industry worked in Valve, Riot Games, Blizzard And Bungie. They are going to engage in a competitive multiplayer and have already found money to their first project.

President TheoryCraft became Joe Tan (Joe Tung) – Former Executive Vice President League of Legends, who also visited the role of executive producer Destiny And Halo. Besides him in the team are:

  • Chief technical leader Michael Evans (Michael Evans) – was a technical manager ValoRant, Overwatch And Halo.
  • Senior creative leader Mike Typul (Mike Tipul) – was a creative leader in Bungie.
  • Artistic director Mobi Frank (Moby Francke) – was the artistic director Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, League of Legends And ValoRant.
  • Chief operating leader Arib Piran (AREEB PIRAN9) – was the head of the revenue and finance of the franchise League of Legends.

A task TheoryCraft – create deep games where everyone has a chance to make friends, compete and infinitely admire stories, in the center of which users are located. Studio wants to come to players “Where they live”, regardless of the platform, place of residence or wealth. In other words, games TheoryCraft are planned multiplatform, conditionally free and with cross-swam.

At the moment in the state TheoryCraft There are only six people, but by the time the first game is launched, the team should grow to 30 or 40 employees. With finance problems, it seems, will not: Studio has already attracted investments worth $ 37.5 million, including from the Corporation NETEASE.

Tang believes that it is among the gaming companies “Next Disney“Apparently, they mean scope, influence and cultural significance.

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