Vambrace: Cold Soul: Video Game Overview

Imagine the situation. You see a beautiful blond girl with the eyes of the color of heavenly lazuries, which stands and languidly looks at you. Fit, smiling, stretch your hand, she takes a step towards and starts … lumber. Then smiles, exposing the only half-hearted tooth, and stretches his hand in response, on the wrist of which a tattoo with the word “zone”. You are horrified back, shout and wake up in cold sweat. Here’s about the same thing you can say about VAMBRACE: Cold Soul.

Phenomenon of Evelia People

The main heroine here is just a very beautiful girl Evelia with strange colorful eyes. She has no tattoos, but there is a unique artifact that got from the Father – Magical Bracers. It is with their help that she falls into the city of Iceland, removing the barrier that separates it from the outside world. The fact is that the King of Shadows cursed the city, causing him to the ice captivity of permafrost. The survivors were hidden under the ground, in the place called drugs, and the rest turned into ghosts. And some of the phantoms retained the mind, able to communicate and even trade, if you meet them on the surface, and the other undead, as it should be, distraught and makes the backbone of the army of the king of shadows.

The survivors are trying to confront him, but the danger represents internal problems. Replicates live representatives of various races: here and dark elves, and dwarves, and people, and foster people – the same people, only with foxes. And not all with everyone gets along well. There is also a cult whose spies are very afraid of.

And in the midst of all this, our beautiful evelia appears, which has become the only one who managed to get into the damned city from the outside world. And she came because the deceased father, the famous scientist, wrote in the letter: put it, they say, violated and go to the iceman in search of answers, and this artifact will protect you. Naturally, the owner of such a unique relic, capable of shooting the barrier, touching which instantly kills the rest, becomes almost the last hope of survivors.

Where is the logic?

Scene B VAMBRACE: Cold Soul Lots of attention is paid. It’s really big here, the tie is quite intriguing, the heroine is nontrivial, events and interesting characters – the mass, dialogues – too, the setting itself is well registered (the code will constantly flock from the new information), there are even original races, some venture companies in the middle of this fantasyUgar, reasonable ghosts-merchants ..VAMBRACE: Cold Soul Game ReviewBefore and during the fight, you can change the location of the fighters in the squad, putting someone forward, and someone removed back.
However, some things cause questions and spoil the impression, and already at the very beginning. Our excellent stranger is unwell on the surface of the ice-eyed, belongs to the land of survivors, and there they interrogate with the addiction, believing that it is a spy of that very cult. Neither of her word does not believe the local head of the guard, demands to admit the most well, and then this says: go, they say, walk here in the city yes, we still think about how to be with you. So it is a spy that should sit in prison, or a tourist who else and finance help?

Or another example. The first story quest – catch up with a runaway witch. Say, it is impossible to waste time if she succeeds to leave, then all the end. However, you will not be released in the pursuit until Elelia finds a room in a local tavern, I will not pick up there and does not sleep, it rests well overnight. Well, yes, where to rush something ..

We are our, we will build a new clone

However, even more questions causes directly gameplay. Here VAMBRACE: Cold Soul acts as a frank clone Darkest Dungeon, what the authors did not hide, immediately calling the source of inspiration. Accordingly, we get everything like that of the same “Rogali” about how a detachment of heroes makes ribs into dangerous, very dangerous places (in this case it is not a dungeon, but the amusing the surface of the ice) in search of resources.

A B VAMBRACE: Cold Soul It is still decorated with meaningful plot missions when we should not just make a breakdown, and get to some place to stop the same witch, defeat the boss, argue some kind of checkout, talk to her, get an important thing, then decideto whom it is from two quest characters to give him back, listen to ton of dialogs, meet new interesting characters, take a new task and so on.

That’s just the mechanic itself in VAMBRACE: Cold Soul turned out to be much poisoned and monotonous than in the inspiration source. And it is very poorly reflected in the perception of the entire game, pushing the plot, setting and characters somewhere on the backyard.VAMBRACE: Cold Soul Game ReviewOutlook the Liski, and many other characters, as if escaped from some visual novel or JRPG.

On the covenants, yes not

Yes, there is no that worked, a unique system of psychological state and stress resistance of characters that was in Darkest Dungeon. There, we will remind, we felt simultaneously with nanny and psychiatrists in the service of mentally and morally unstable heroes, which gradually turned into patients, swimming disabled. And they also had to be treated: whom – in the brothels, whom – in monasteries, taverns or hospitals. We also had to improve these buildings.

IN VAMBRACE: Cold Soul Characters, whom we hire in a detachment (Maximum four) as a result of battles, opening the chests, bypass traps and participation in random textual events can also earn some sore – horror, trembling in your hands, fainting, hallucinations. But they basically only reduce the characteristics and quickly treated in the camp. That is, the magician who received the effect of fading, there will be no shouts “You all ghosts and bastards!”Fry the fire of their own comrades. Improve no buildings, it is also not necessary to improve.

On the other hand, it is normal that the authors VAMBRACE: Cold Soul did not copy the same system. But after all, primitiveness is swaying in other things. Battle system where. During step-by-step scuffers, the heroes of all classes have only one special blow, spending energy accumulated in battle. You can wear on them only one piece of equipment, giving some bonuses. That is, at the same time wearing a warm vest and fur gloves for some reason can not. Applying in battles consumables are also prohibited, and even outside the fighting something to drink or have a snack, restoring health and cheerful stocks – only in the camp.

Horror and “random”

Survive VAMBRACE: Cold Soul It is difficult, it is simply achieved by primitive means – mostly ridiculous and illogical restrictions on everything and all. In addition, during each routing, to get to the target goal, you need to go through five approximately equal areas. And there immediately turns on the counter – the level of horror grows with each house, and when it reaches the maximum, the most dangerous mad ghosts will begin to attack the detachment. VAMBRACE: Cold Soul Game ReviewThe interface, especially in the process of transferring objects or changing the formation, is very uncomfortable.
You have to choose the shortest path on the map. But in any case, the same enemies will be attached to the same enemies in the same places in time and the same events offering to decide, climb or not, stroke a ghostly dog or pass by, try to tryon the table food or not do it. More nontrivial events also come across, but less.

And here is another interesting. If, with what success, we will open the castle or bypass the trap, depends on who leads a detachment and from his skills of dexterity or perception;If during the night you need to leave the clock with the highest indicator of the observation, so that sleep and entertainment have passed successfully, then during such random events it seems that the skills of the selected character are not played in general and everything solves clean “rand”.

Similarly, it is impossible to predict how often you will come across the place where you can break the camp to sleep, cheer up and to get. Meanwhile, you know, it depends so much.

To tolerate for sake?

So you have to make excuses from time to times, where, on the one hand, there is an element of chance and intrigue, and on the other – approximately the same areas, primitive battles, the same traps and chests, the same random events. And everything in order to scat, finally, resources and scaffle more powerful artifacts, put them on the heroes, buy medicines and go to join the boss. The very opportunity to return to the shelter at any time from any area, retaining without a fine, rightly stimulates to merciless Green.VAMBRACE: Cold Soul Game ReviewTraps here wait at every step, but they are often repeated.
It is clear that in Darkest Dungeon, As with almost any “Rogan”, also much monotonous, there is random and grind. Random number generator is often even good in such a genre. But there it was decorated and really interesting mechanics, as well as genuine variability. A B VAMBRACE: Cold Soul (If we talk about the gameplay, and not about the plot) there is only a more primitive random, grind, kraft, artificially overestimated complexity and kuts.

After all, even pumped in such girls do not really give. The opportunity to receive glasses and invest them in the parameters of the main character are there, but even if you spent three hours on shuttle bars, tauca from there Resources and folded them in our room to unload the inventory and go to the surface, then even one point will not getuntil you promote on the plot.

You understand yourself, the hunting to advance can disappear by itself – whatever beautiful is the main character and no matter how intriguing the scenario, broken by Grindom. Here it was necessary to do or about the “Rogali” (and then to prescribe interesting mechanics), or about the plot and characters – and do everything much more dynamic.

The ability to find and change costumes also refers to the traditions of anime games.
All this is the more hurt that VAMBRACE: Cold Soul Really beautiful looks – a common style demonstrates a non-trivial mixture of Western Fantasy, the harsh Scandinavian spirit and anime. But in a good game, as in a person, everything should be fine. Immediately we see only an attractive appearance, on which we meet. But it is worth noticeing better – and on a beautiful leaping it is not a straight clearing smile (play and endure the sake of the plot and characters you can even want to be), but acne and abrasions are certain.

Pros: Interesting, although not without problems, the plot;well-prescribed setting;Many are really bright characters;the game looks great and sounds.

Minuses: The authors in vain began to take Darkest Dungeon – Combat, role-playing and survival mechanics here are at times poorer, and the gameplay itself suffers from excessive monasses and in bulky difficulties.

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