Vivisector: Beast Inside: Tips and tactics for the game

If you look well in the root directory of the game in files with the .cfg extension, you can find infinite ammo (unlimited_ammo = 1).

Battalion: A lion with an implanted high density plasma generator. Plasma balls can inflict damage to the enemy at medium and long distances without losing their destructive properties. For the fight, it is best to use a weapon with good accuracy..

Grenadilla: A gorilla with a long-range grenade launcher implanted in the right limb. Unable to move independently, fires from the place of deployment. Dangerous in long-range combat. To fight grenadilla, you need to constantly move. Vulnerable to forearms and paws.

Bombear: A bear with a stationary medium-caliber cannon, wheeled instead of hind legs. Dangerous in ranged combat, has good mobility, moves quickly. Has practically no cons.

Rhinoster: A rhinoceros with a heavy mechanical roller replacing the forelimbs. Mine fuse, fast moving, heavy roller, meat grinder. Designed to remove obstacles, obstacles, mines, and is also used as a natural armored shield when attacking. Extremely vulnerable to living flesh.

Electrenna: Hyena with an implanted discharge generator. Only attacks melee
distance by means of claws and teeth. These critters are pretty dangerous when they attack in packs, especially in tight spaces. The most effective means of destruction at medium range – M16, in close combat – shotgun.

Transpanther: a panther with an implanted space distortion generator based on
free energy. It can partially disappear for a limited time. An extremely dangerous enemy due to its high speed. Only attacks at close range, more often
all – one by one. Weak spots – head and torso.

Flameuar: A jaguar with an implanted flamethrower. The balloon is located in the abdominal cavity.
Burner, flame outlet – in the mouth. Attacks with flames up to 16 meters away. In the area of ​​the skull, it is surrounded by armor, therefore, from the effective methods of fighting, hits in the body and hits from behind can be distinguished.

Black wolf
Wolves are one of the most dangerous predators in the forest. And after the modification, having received the ability to move on their hind legs and use modern weapons, wolves became the basis of the army of the mad scientist. The black wolf is equipped with an assault rifle that is effective at medium to long range. Vulnerable area – head.

Equipped with a rocket launcher. It is very dangerous at any distance. the rocket launcher has great destructive power. Weak points and especially vulnerable points are not
It has.

Equipped with a medium damage automatic weapon and a mobile propeller. Of the vulnerable spots, the propeller and the head can be distinguished.

An unfinished living form used as the basis for the production of new creatures.

This is the second modification of an ordinary hyena, much more successful and dangerous than the first. Equipped with multiple implants and modified by implanting cybernetic mechanisms, which provides it with greater survivability. Primary weapon
– Tesla. Vulnerable to headshot.

Ram is faster and stronger than a human, has excellent weapon handling and is strong in hand-to-hand combat. The main weapon is a shotgun. Extremely dangerous in number more
two at close range. It’s best to fight them at medium range using powerful weapons.

An upright killing machine. In its animal form, the cheetah did not differ
likely speed, which was offset by low endurance. Now he
can run indefinitely without stopping, although not as fast as before. Extremely dangerous in packs of four or more creatures. The best weapon to confront is the twin shotgun.

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