The second stage of the closed “beta” TERA started

The second stage of the closed “beta” TERA started
We told you how Destiny Development He is very worried about beta testing localized TERA: THE BATTLE FOR THE NEW WORLD? Wants in order to take part as possible as many people as possible, and in general, so that everything goes successfully?

So, we are in a hurry to please the news that the start of the second stage of the closed “beta” began. Hurray, comrades!

Free keys with access to zbt, unfortunately, have already ended. But if you do not directly fail to check the quality of the translation of the game into Russian or, say, the stability of the client, then the developers Tera There is always in stock Early access kits that are guaranteed to open the door to Arbore. Fortunately, the second stage will last another week.

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