Warface opens the hunting season at cybernetic zombies

Not so long ago we talked about the complex of updates “Hunting Season” for a network shooter Warface. So, as part of this update, the developers launched the PVE-mode “Dangerous Experiment”, where the gamers would fight with Zombie Hordes. Only not ordinary, and cybernetic!

In the new task to fighters Warface It is necessary to destroy the Blackwood database and stop the experiments on the creation of a supersoldat. But the ordinary mission presented an unpleasant surprise: instead of mercenaries, crowds of zombies attack players.

The authors say that the “dangerous experiment” offers the most stressful battles in Warface, which will be interesting not only to beginners, but also veterans shooter.

In addition to fresh regime, you are waiting for the replenishment of arsenal, new items to Halloween, changes in the system of contracts and much more. Details about everything – in the video below and on the official website.

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