Warhammer 40.000: Dawn Of War – Dark Crusade: Tips And Tactics

The initial strategy of all races that will help not only who do not have eager to people, but also knowing players.

Let’s start with small. The strategy, in its sense, implies intrigue, deceptions, treason and t.P. As a rule, players try to get the largest army, and kill enemies with a number, flood (and what battle can we talk when 4 races in full pumping are found?). I watched this. This is a slaughter and not a battle. From my own experience I can say – it is bad. Passing the company, faced at the beginning with a big story and decided to roll up and carry them with its power. Yes not there was something.
P.FROM. The battle lasted 4 hours, about 15 mastodonts were killed, a unmeasurated crowd of orcs – they lay along the whole map, and naturally I won (I played for the cosmodeant). So that this is not repeated, learn about mistakes, your and strangers.

The correct start of the fight gives a great advantage. As a rule, the first goes to the assault (if it is a bot) enemy, and you should prepare a counterattack.

Let’s go through races.


The default is the strongest race. Units are not alive, therefore is immortal, to defeat such a race problematic. Led by Lord Nekronov. Truly the strongest unit. But the power of his feats depends on what artifacts give him. It is worth choosing artifacts, for example, when covering the night you can hide the whole army. Very effective. But you should not take bottles with him, and almost all artifacts, but it is necessary to progress. See ourselves. Like spiders, Lord at death remains in its place, this is a plus and minus, when I play, I do not give away from the place of death. With the help of mines and several shooters of shooters. With Lord, you should not join a hand-to-hand. Just for resources is not profitable. And if it was impatient to kill, then in the attack it is necessary to throw the most numerous squad, kills one by one, and it delays the time. And if you play them, it is necessary to teleport to the shooters, and throw any other detachments on the shutters, they are still stronger. When playing, well, well, these are those in the skins of their enemies. It is worth playing mobile when the battle is tied to teleport them from the monolith, killing the enemy and without seeing other candidates for death, it is necessary to teleport them through the obelisk closer to monolith, and in their monolith. When developing should be left for the Parry, the strongest detachment, acting on the speed of movement of the enemy. Spirit, too, there is nothing to be unsubstantiated with his ability, for some time it can still be repaired. The grave spider is not worth buying a small arms, because his power in a hand-to-hand attack and besides can not be removed, and it reduces hand-to-hand damage. Immortal – excellent long arrows, but do not move on obeliskam.


Basically – the shooting of infantry, and the mobility of paratroopers their trump card. The commander is a strong hero, but too expensive at the beginning. But it is able to repel the first attacks if the infantry will be covered. There will be wounds, but not significant, it is worth calling Copena – he quickly restores HP to all surrounding units. Gray knights – or how they are there? – very strong against the infantry, just crash all. Besides without morality. With a large cluster of enemies at one point, you should apply their slaughter skill. The floor of the army of the enemy in the world. It is necessary to acquire pharmacians, your soldiers will be more resistant. With all the upgrades of the captain, it should be kept when infantry – it enhances the morality, and the accuracy of the soldiers. Only when you build a orbital station, it is worth unfolding a full-scale attack. Dreadnought serve as the abstraction of enemy fire, and the infantry destroys everything in its path. To restore morality, it is worth racing squads in pits, and naturally they will get less damage. When you start playing tanks, when the tank begins to get damage, you can send a builder with him – it will repair, and tank get damaged, cycle, and you can forget about it. And do not forget about the probes – they will help to find hidden enemies.


Chaos – he is chaos. Basically – hand-to-hand units. This is their strength. Fans – cannon meat, but they are also scouts. With accession to them, the Lord Chaos help to remain as much. Bersheki – Main handapacks, rootless and unconscious. Mag Chaos – Unit, who can change the course of the game. Turning two units in monsters, calmly kill all enemies. Just carefully – bloodthirsty dies when it does not stick.

Imperial Guard

Power in tanks. Can hide in buildings and from there shoot, move between buildings. 2 full-fledged hand-to-hand. The soldiers themselves are weak, but with the help of the Commissioners can lead the army into hell, with the help of a shooting of weak. All put in tanks and ahead.


The longest and fragile unit. In addition to Krutosov, and a healthy monster. Everyone is surprised why there are no turners from Tao!? And they have portable turrets in the form of XV88 combat team. Cool eats corpses. In general, the range is their horse.

Orcs, they are orcs, – big quantities, but little sense. Plus the buildings shoot, plus they can hide in them, but require a lot of place to build.

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