Warhammer 40.000: Dawn Of War – Dark Crusade: Tips And Tactics

Nekrons – very powerful race. Say that it is stronger than all others are unlikely perhaps, but simplicity in management and cheapness make their business.

Here is one of the tactics of the game necrons.

1. We select workers, press the R key twice and, using the B + SHIFT + P key combination, we order the construction of four plasmogenerators, oppositely located on the likely direction of the attack of the enemy, at maximum distance from monolith.

2. In parallel, in monolith (having highlight it, for example, in the 4th group of the Ctrl + 4 keys), we order 2 detachments of the workers (key S), the Lord of Nekrons (key L), 2 uncrowded troops (key N) and another detachmentWorkers.

3. First-emerged workers send to finishing the generators (without forgetting to replenish the detachment of up to 3 people (more precisely Zhukov :)). The second detachment of workers send to capture nearby checkpoints, capturing which, do not forget to build on each monolith (key L).

3. A freshly created Lord go to the reconnaissance of the nearby territories, before this installing the monolith collection point. The main task is to find the base of the enemy, and, using teleportation, destroy the workers and the ordered buildings. When the health of this sabotage fell by a third, you can calmly teleport from the base of the enemy and go to your.

4. Appeared by the troops of warriors who replenish to the maximum number, together with Lord we create the 1st group (control +1) and go to the frontal attack on the enemy. As a rule, such an attack has little to withstand. If you play against a race with plug-in arrows, then Lord Teleport directly to them in order to engage them in a hand-to-hand fight (Z key)

5. On the basis when three generators are ready, we leave one detachment of the workers to build the fourth, and by the other build the core (key S). To work on it, you can connect a detachment that captured points. The last detachment of workers, which appeared from the monolith, send capturing points to that end of the card, which is as much as possible from the enemy. When they capture 2-3 points, spent there another monolith. In the future, we will use it to build troops and attacks from an unexpected direction for the enemy, buildings around the generators and increasing the Limit of Gauss Tour. Or just as insurance in the case of the destruction of your main monolith 🙂

6. While the first group fights with the enemy (it is possible and not too intensely, if only it came to your database), on the basis, when the core is built, we pump non-rough warriors, monolith up to three times and create a crypt with artifacts and 1-2 moreGenerator.

6A. At this stage, if the limit allows the limit, it is possible to create a spirit, pump it in a small core and put it into a sabotage tool on enemy reams – remove the flags from the points (not captured, and simply shoot) and cut the lost lonely infantry and workers. If it is attacked by a big squad, then we turn on invulnerability and we despair in the fog of war.

6b. Lord of Nekronov can be given in the hands of three artifacts (for choice – 8). The most valuable of them are phylacteria, the sphere of resurrection and cover of Darkness.

7. When the main building is pumped, we create two detachments of immortals and flags there (when they are completed, then appearances in the form of a landing. You can use them and so, but it is better to bring them out, to your base and replenishing a detachment, put back).In parallel, we build a large kernel (key G) and, when it is created, in a small core once again pumping up Nekrov’s warriors.

8. Having collected the army from Lord, the 3-4-tons of warriors-necrons, 2 unimatal detachments (which is better to take into the second group and lead behind the main army) and 2 flyers of the Fledov, which are sitting in monolith, as a landing, you can go to the attack on the baseenemy. As a rule, this battle takes place at the entrance to the enemy base and looks like this: there are hand-to-hand to meet your warriors, and the arrows stand behind them and sluggishly shoot in your direction. Here you can make one tactical trick: a diversant with a diversant on the rear of the enemy base and when his troops are distracted by the Spirit, we carry out the main attack. Lord pull the shooters to the hand-to-hand chant to help him 1 detachment of Fledov, and the second – to the enemy barracks and destroy them (Fledas are perfectly coping with buildings and infantry). Warriors destroy enemy handapass. The drums of the victims of the warriors return to our mortar world the artifact “Renaissance” and replenish the formed detachments. If the enemy has a technique, then the immortals can easily destroy it. With the same ease, they will destroy both enemy protective turrets and other buildings. The case is for small: the whole army we invade the bazas of the enemy and we destroy all the buildings producing troops first, and then the main building (if the victory is the destruction of the main building, then we immediately spend destructive work on it to save time 🙂 Everything, victory.


1. During the battle, in time replenish the detachments. Using the TAV key to switch between groups and R detachments, to order reinforcements. Take a detachment to lead a concentrated fire a little back, and when it is stopped to fire, return back. Concentrate the fire of the group on one enemy detachment.

2. If you play with the obviously stronger sketch, without the Mount King mode, you can use tactics based on protection. Build a base and a relict point Gauss Toguns and pump a break building to living monolith. Then, along with this mega-building and all the troops (capture also a couple of builders’ detachments for the repair of monolith), we go to the crushing attack, being self-confident in your victory.

3. If at the beginning of the game, when several enemy detachments can be breaking on your base (as a rule, orcs and haleniks are different), and your own gets away from it, then you should not panicize them home. Selecting all workers, calmly, in the far corner, we will be erected by the calling core (if there is still no it) and teleport your troops to the base, to arrange a grosskaput invaders. After that point, you can arrange a counter-attack and apply “Return Visit”.

4. Published by me Tactic is only the basis for building your own, and not a clear order of action. If someone comes up with interesting tactics or tactical techniques for any of the races, please lay them out here on Stopgeim.

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