Warhammer 40.000: Soulstorm Dark Crusage: Advice (walkthrough tactics)

1.We build barracks for workers, and in the main building we create a worker, scout, worker.
2. With new workers, we go to the center of the map and build a new main building. We build Kroots and Warriors of Fire in the barracks, the gathering point is a new main building.
3. The scout captures strategic points. The first workers build the Path to the Light and the generators, the second – the barracks on the second, and the third build a new base to the right (or left) of the second, the main thing is that the place is secluded.
4. With the fourth, third workers we build control points, and the second helps to rebuild the third base. On the second base we build more Kroots and Warriors of Fire.
5. Slowly we hand over the first and second bases so that the enemy has losses, we create an army at the third base, and finish off the enemy’s army, and then we storm the enemy base.

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