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Past summer company Games Workshop, Creation of desktop (and not only) games and known primarily in two series: Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy Battles, – announced the closure of its fantasy wargam and creating new ones. Warhammer Age of Sigmar, though it has a lot in common with your ancestor, but is a completely different game – with other rules and a little different setting. Oddly enough, such an important event has practically did not affect the creation of computer adaptations of Warhammer Fantasy, in contrast – lately we saw Blood Bowl 2, In “Early Access” is located Mordheim: City of the Damned, Well, of course, it is impossible not to mention one of the most anticipated projects (not only among the fans of “Wahi”) – Total War: Warhammer.

Another game in the Warhammer Fantasy Universe is a cooperative shooter from FatShark entitled Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide.Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide Game ReviewIf someone from the colleagues will not hurry to the rescue, then the raw runner will easily deal with the witch hunter.
Deratization. Inexpensive, for regular customers discounts

Dark times have come for … so, stop. Similar words, you can start a description of almost any book or playing on this universe. Fantasy “Vakha”, of course, far to his “forty-fighter” fellow part of Paphos, but this good and there is enough, obsessive and not very. Epic battles in which great heroes are converging in fights with the generation of chaos, intrigues and conspiracies, the struggle for power and the very existence of a human race – such as the mountains of concomitant products, ranging from books and video games, ending with comics, not to mention the “planes themselves”.

In case of Vermintide The notorious dark times have come for one separately taken city and all its inhabitants. Jabershik, border stronghold of the empire, was attacked by a huge horde of Skanov – human-like rats. Couspores here are not the rarity, but usually they live in urban dungeons and sewage and do not represent serious danger. However, this time a completely different case – in the watch, Juberschraik turned from a rich and beautiful city to real rat nest. Skavenny everywhere, they do not spare anyone, and if they do not stop them, soon there will be no living representative of the human genus.

Nevertheless, there were those who do not want to surrender to the mercy of the winner and prefers inglorious flight at least death with arms in hand. The heel of heroes is a witch hunter, an elf-pedestal, dvand-tracker, a wizard and imperial soldiers. A bit, but such a small force can reverse the course of events – with the help of players, of course.Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide Game ReviewUse long-range weapon against ordinary rashes – an unforgivable waste, but sometimes it cannot do without it.
Gorgeous Five and Instrue

Despite the fact that there are five characters available, only four people can participate in the game (there are stupid bots instead of the missing people in the party). The authors are trying to achieve maximum immersion in the atmosphere of the Warhammer Universe from the very beginning. The lobby is decorated in the form of a tavern, the wave of the case of the remaining while unharmed, and the list of available missions is stylized under the map of the city lying on the table. Short preparation that includes the equipment with the necessary equipment and choosing a task, the selection of players (for a rare fast, which is very pleased) – and forward, in battle. There are no boring tables and interface that is knocked out of the overall style. Attention to setting at the level, up to the smallest details – for example, pay attention to the decoration of the room of each of the heroes.

Characters differ not only externally, but also, as promised, gameplay. Each class is unique, for each you need to play in your own way, and skills, useful for the dwell, will be completely useless for a sentiment. It’s not just a thing in different gear and weapons of heroes – each of them has its own role, and the more you play, the better you understand how to act in one way or another. The sentient more other uses onions (still, with such a rapidity), the dwarf, on the contrary, all sorts of “guns” and the crossbows apply only as a last resort, but perfectly “tankers” and distracts enemies in the near battle. Magichell with the help of the staff may not be buried, but for it you have to pay a risk to pour yourself if you forget about the break between spells.

Equipment is not limited to one starting set – in fact there is a very rich choice of weapons, but it still needs to get to new samples. Following each successfully completed task, special playing bones are thrown, and if lucky, you can get fresh equipment. Tops, swords, shields, bows with arrows, rapiers and combat hammers – for each character there is a whole arsenal. Objects, as it is accepted, divided by rarity and utility, some have special properties, and unnecessary trash can be melted in the forge of the tavern (with a chance to get something valuable).Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide Game ReviewCrowogro, one of the most dangerous and strong opponents, in all its glory.
How to move, how to attack special enemies, at what point it is better to apply a special weapon like a grenade – all this comes only with experience and is very important for the successful task execution, especially at a high level of complexity. Nevertheless, I would like to see the richest system of skills, more special strikes and ways to destroy enemies. Before Dying Light, Unfortunately, the local combat system is still not reaching and keeps more on all the same team work, and not on individual possession of weapons.

Rat race

But comparing with Left 4 Dead, Of course, has the right to life, but banal cloning shooter Valve here and does not smell. Middle battle in the first place, except that the elf can afford such a luxury like shooting for those who want. If the old habit is started shooting the hordes of rats from afar, after a few minutes the party awaits unpleasant surprise – arrows and the cartridges ended, replenished the guests now, and there are more evil rats among the rashes, in which they would be very useful for example, for example,The most bolts for the crossbow that were thoughtlessly spent on ordinary collar.

Cryoogr is huge, very strong, can discard players with powerful blows, infective damage;Skang-runner overturns to Earth and scores to death;The leader pulls off the heroes who fell off from the group somewhere in a secluded place where they can be right. There are route rats, amateurs of poisonous gas and elite rats in good armor – I want to meet with them as much as possible, unlike basking. This chant immediately becomes the main goal, because with his corpse you can remove very important things for a group that here always in shortage.Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide Game ReviewThe forge would not interfere with the opportunity to exchange objects with other players at least within one party.
Rats B Vermintide It turned out. The view of the frizzling horde, the river flowing from some sewer pipe, gives rise to a persistent desire to preserve in this crowd with its faithful sword or to fry a dozen-other vile creatures with the help of the staff, and the silhouette of a runner’s runner or shouting away the silhouette of the korovographer causes an equally acute feeling of anxiety -Now it will be hot.

Teamwork in such hard conditions, undoubtedly, in priority, and the lion’s share of pleasure from the game is directly dependent on the selection of the party. Your brothers in arms skillful fighters will be, even if you are unfamiliar and you have a thoughtless Matchmaking algorithm together, – an interesting party guaranteed. Otherwise, everything ends very quickly and sad – after all Vermintide Not for Slodakov. Ideally, of course, it is better to play with friends, using voice chat, as in all such cooperatives.

Spoil pleasure, except not the most skilled colleagues, maybe far from the best optimization. Huge crowds of rats make even rather strong cars, but the game does not demonstrate some special beauties. Skanovy Scythers have fun to the first “friezes”, and they are much more often found than you want. However, the developers, as always, promise to work well.Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide Game ReviewStill a little bit – and the magic of fire will turn against the wizard. It is worth a little break from spells and work as a sword.***
In addition to technical rules in the plans FatShark Many other improvements and corrections. Promise paid and free DLCs, including both new heroes and other areas of the empire and even the locations of the rest of the world Warhammer Fantasy, not to mention all sorts of trifles like an expansion of arsenal. It is possible that there will be a PVP multiplayer, similar to the VERSUS mode from L4D, When players are available the roles of opponents of the main characters.

However, it is not necessary to wait at all of this – to play and enjoy you can now. Fans of “Wahi”, as well as those who, to the soul, large-scale first-person fights with a combat system, which is distinguished from the “culking of all enemies to death,” should look at Vermintide More detailed.

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