Watch_Dogs 2: Tip (Potential Follower Exploit)

while fiddling with pirate saves I noticed folders

C: \ username \ documents \ My Games \ Watch_Dogs 2 \ LocalStorage0 (0 digit of the 1st save slot)

and folder

C: \ username \ documents \ My Games \ Watch_Dogs 2 \ ScoutX0

with LocalStorage everything is just photos from a smartphone

but scoutx is much more interesting 

there are point files with photos from the ScoutX application on the smartphone

and because of my manipulations with saves (changed the slot but forgot to rename these 2 folders)

in the game, I noticed that those photos that I took in slot 1 but did not take in slot 0

when renaming saves from 1 to 0, they are shown again as not made and again give the opportunity to recruit followers……

okay, the essence of a possible exploit is that it is possible, by deleting a file from the ScoutX folder, to constantly repeat 1 and the same photo until you get bored

the problem is that I have not checked it and I cannot say whether it is possible to use an exploit according to the method

took a picture> went to the main menu> deleted the file> entered again

perhaps a complete restart of the game is necessary, which makes the exploit very useless

but I personally just enjoyed writing all this nonsense from above, so it still works or not

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