Wet: The Sexy Empire (Lula: The Sexy Empire): Game Walkthrough and Guide

Wet: The Sexy Empire (Lula: The Sexy Empire): Passage

Level 1: American Outback.

Before you a small American town – you have to get out of it. To do this, you need to score $ 50,000. In the town there is a police station, a commission store, sexhop, photo-video shop technology, bar, agent for sale agent, motel, rocker gang and aunt farm MA. Only Sex Shop, Motel, Agent and Police work at night. Everything opens at 10 am. To begin with, you need to earn some money so that you can pay for the room in the motel per week ($ 100 – day and about $ 500 week). Go to the bar and make a stripper with a stripper from Bangddershi (you choose any time convenient for you and get 100 $ for work). Girls of easy behavior, “Customers”, which they “remove”, the merchant of lime documents and a gambia. To begin with, pick up a few casualties among the male population and use the old as the world’s way to receive money – blackmail. Send them a few letters with compromising photos of your proximity with the requirement to bring some amount (installed by you depending on the salary of the client, it is desirable not more than half of the salary, otherwise it will bring to the police) to the toilet bar. The next day, go to the toilet and take a package with money. In this way, you can now have a fairly long to blackmate customers, but sooner or later they will still turn to the police, and you will find yourself behind bars. In this case, it is enough to click on handcuffs and a policeman girl will express a desire to do with you (Loola) Sadomazo . After that you will leave prison, but if you get so three times – you will arrest the FBI and the game will end. You can avoid this by buying a new ID document from the Document merchant (the price of $ 9000 to $ 12000) – the arrest counter is reset. Or you need to pay rockers for Anti-Arrest Maintenance (it will protect from arrest for several hours) each time before tolting, how to follow the bag with money (can only arrest in the toilet). Another way to go to prison – every time you beat a poor fellow in the toilet in the toilet (he can take hours, lighters and money and exchange them in the commission). In addition, time goes and sooner or later the FBI will be in the city (follow their approach to news release). With the FBI it will also be possible to deal with the help of rockers (but it will give you only some hours). So you need to make money quickly, and the main thing for this is no way in the bar.

When you have thousands of three, go to the motel and remove the room for a week (from now on, you need to regularly pay for the room, otherwise your entire equipment will be thrown into the street and everything will have to buy again). Now go to the video shop and buy a spotlight, camcorder and video tape. Return to the motel, the Undress Lulu and spend the shooting session – she loves it, but no more than one session at a time (occasionally two in a row, in the Osn Own, she has been talking to a naked car that deserves rest). If there is no Luly, it means that it is in the bar – it works. In general, it is better to quit at the first opportunity: it gives little money, and Lula will all the time in the room. Sometimes the Lula requires a toy (go and buy in a sex shop to her some vibrator or dildo and better more). Externally, this does not affect the shooting process, just after some time toys will ruin against intensive use and need new. In addition, the Lule may need a partner – to remove some girl at Madame Ma (400-600 $) or in the bar ($ 1000). After shooting, the girl disappears. Sooner or later, the owner of the motel spoys about what you do in your room, and will require $ 1,400 a week, while disassembling with it with rockers just turn off it for 12 hours, but it will not save from the need to pay. You can shoot on the video and on the film (in the latter case you need to buy a camera and cassettes with a film). The film is then needed about tinning and show in the video shop (17 hours – mockery). When the materials are pressed, they must be attributed to the agent that looks through the porn movies around the clock and sometimes busy with some girl. Offer him video tapes and a film for a fixed price (3000 and higher, he pays more for the film) or per percent of sales per day (a small amount of about $ 300). You can periodically go to the bar and play the bone (the initial capital should be $ 1500). The rules of the game are quite incomprehensible: the bottom line is that you bet, choose the number of cubes and throw them. Moreover, the total amount of points that falling out does not matter. As far as I managed to understand, only the number of six felling six – who won more, who won. Anyway, speed up the clock in the game and shoot, remove and shoot – here is the way to your first $ 50,000.

Level 2: Film Studio.

At this level, you need some times to remove the Lulu in porn movies to make it a star (full production chain, including installation and sounding). At this point I have accumulated about $ 4,000,000. To begin with, go to the realter and rent (you can also buy, but at the same time enlole his return purchase guarantee) Buildings: Casting Office, Movie Planning, Reception and Lula’s Bedroom. All drawn characters in the buildings of your office are missing until you put an announcement of the vacancy in Casting Office and do not hire the relevant specialist (including secretary in the main office). In Casting Office, you can give ads for the employment of staff serving the personnel, actresses / actors, you can watch their dossier, increase or cut them a salary or dismiss. Place ads on vacancies: Secretaries, HR Manager in Casting, Scriptwriter and two more girls managers from Movie Planning, Director, Operator, Illuminator and Two Watchmen in Reception . When you give an ad, specify maximum salary and medium skills. Nka is all that will need. Most girls from your staff can bargain some parts of the body (after she hired an ad).

When Movie Planning is equipped – Create a movie script using a scriptwriter (you need to select the plot line – it depends on it to be used in the film). Then, with the help of a girl behind a firing panel, sketch the sketch of the film, having calculated its duration (for starters try for about 100 minutes). The film has been launched in production – it’s time to announce the vacancies of the actress (at the same time, specify the maximum salary, maximum eroticism and secondary body – the average actress will cost you $ 200-300 per day, and pornodiva with experience – at 1000-1500 $). The girl from the Casting Office (it should be hired first thing) will have to check the external data of each actor and the actress (the big thermometer of strawberry appears). After the illuminator is taken, the operator, the director and 2 actresses, you can go to the realter and the ardent of Movie Studio Pavilion. Then give actresses of the role in the film running into production on the blackboard behind the back of the girl in the Casting Office (the minimum for the start of the shooting requires 2 actresses). In Movie Studio, assign the director, the operator, the illuminator, buy there in the same place and the spotlight and select which movie to shoot from the list in production on the tape appeared. The director will tell you the time for which he could shoot the film – change it to a smaller way: the faster the film will be withdrawn, the faster you sell his agent and get money. It remains to press start – and the film will start shooting. During filming, all sorts of incidents will occur: the actors will receive “production injuries”, shy to shoot, will not be enough requisition – every time you can choose what to do in a particular case. As a rule, it is better to combine the “whip” with a “gingerbread” – a surcharge of $ 500. In the absence of sex toys, you need to choose the appropriate from the menu in the sex shop (if you often ignore the director’s kids – it will be offended and dismissed). As a last resort, you can remove with the role or dismiss the actress not like and designate a new one in its place.

Rent of each building and specialist pours out in a specific amount per day – its value can be viewed on the display in the Casting Office. If suddenly your money “left in minus”, do not worry – the bank gives you a loan of $ 70,000, t.E., In any case, it will be necessary to worry when your money will approach $ 10000 $. In the future, you can also put money into a bank under a small percentage, but it is so small that it is insignificant. At any time, this money can be credited, as, for example, in the case of too much excavation in the “minus” of your studio assets. Sometimes the banker is busy with the girl – it is better not to disturb him. In addition, the banker was without pants once, but the girls were not observed. If you cut it in this state and slip yourself (t.E. Lulu), then a loan of $ 70,000 can be easily increased to $ 80000.

When the first film is removed – run to the agent and sell it for a fixed price (from $ 30000 to $ 1 billion). It is better not to immediately agree, but to refuse and try again – the price will change. The more actors are engaged in the film and the better they have external data, the more expensive you can sell the movie. If you sell a film per percent of sales, then it is better to do this for $ 3 from a copy. You will get a bit, but pretty weighty for a start (about $ 16000 per week). Sometimes the agent is busy with a girl – it is better not to disturb him.

Try to give ads in Casting Office and always have a few actresses and directors in the form of letters at hand (directors often dismissed with a long simple or when you ignore their requirements when shooting). Thus, you always have a reserve for consideration, which is not required to pay. It is better to raise a salary by $ 100 most capable actresses and all directories. In addition, people who send their letters may agree to work for the lower salaries of TU (it does not affect performance). Make sure that everyone is in business and none of the personnel has been without work (actresses, directors). In addition, actresses can make plastic surgery (lifting, increase in breast volume and others – about $ 15,000) – after that, the actress is sick for several days, but its “strawberry” and, accordingly, the film is sold better. At the end of the level, about 30-40 actresses worked on me.

Thus, removing the picture for the picture, you will be able to lender the initial capital of thousands of 100 and rent two more Movie Studio. From this point on, the production of your films should be put on the conveyor – three films are removed in parallel, then sold, new scenarios, distribution of roles between actors, new vacancies, new three films. After your studio will have a stable income, it will be possible to think about the production of films to the end of its own. For this rent from Realter The remaining buildings: Warehouse, Props, Cutting DPT., Sound Studio, Copier, Marketing Office, Recreation and hire an appropriate personnel (the more actors-oco, the better). The chain of production of your film should look like this (forget about the agent – you don’t need it anymore): During filming, you buy a suitable confunity set (in Props), which will be automatically supplied to the director for its first requirement – it will removeyou hill from shoulders, no longer need to climb sex. After the film is removed, it is mounted (Cutting), voiced (Sound), advertised (Marketing), starts up for sale (in Notebook on the secretary table in the main office), you come to the warehouse (Warehouse) that you takeEvery day from the moment of exiting the counters, and the film is replicated (in Copier). In order for all this worked, it is necessary to start some money (thousands of 200 thousand): you need to buy equipment in each building, hire staff, pay rent and for props, for vacation Actress (Recreation). And then profit from sales will be a significant amount and block all your daytime costs for equipment and staff (I received up to $ 300,000 per day – it’s time to remember the bank). Periodically go to the sex shop and watch the best dozen movies of competitors studio based on sales results. After that it is useful to visit rockers, whisper a few words – and, you see, competitors have problems and the film crashes from charts.

Lulu can be removed simultaneously only in one film – for this you need to go to her bedroom (the door behind the secret of the secretary) and appoint it to the role, after the film is launched into production, but before it began to shoot in the studio. On the left two of the Lula: Popularity and Mood. Popularity multiplies due to custom scandals that cost a lot of money (up to $ 200,000 – in marketing), and the mood is bought by gifts immediately (only you have to buy gifts consistently and click twice the gift itself, and not on your hand – it does not work). Depending on the mood of the Lula takes more and more frank postures. The success of the film depends on advertising in Marketing – it is better that all possible options are pressed before starting to sell each new film. After several filmed films (it happened after it came out after visiting the next film with the Lulle), when you get into the sales chart, Lula considers himself a star and the level will end. It is desirable to dial more than millions to this point – they will need.

Level 3. All-American network.

If at the previous level, the account was made to millions, then on this – on tens of millions. You need to accumulate $ 50,000,000 and launch communication satellite in Houston in order for the whole world to find out who Lula. Start need from Villa in Los Angeles. Choose any of the 4 guests offered by the girl and rent. Rent will need to make every week (accordingly, the concept of time is also stretched here, and not to play at the maximum speed of the TSEC time is simply not possible). Build around the villa everything you can build (including hangar and takeoff stripes for the future aircraft). Your task at this level is to create your network of porngazins that would bring the necessary profit. Major characters of this level: banker, Rielter girl, Advertising agent, girl-diversifier. All movements from the city in the city are carried out by plane, but civil flights are not reliable – that is the case of the aircraft delayed and the flight time is growing, so when you first possibly, buy yourself a personal aircraft for $ 850000 and hire a pilot for $ 8000 per month. Level specificity: your capital is scattered through various cities, on specific stores (except for the amount in the bank), so that collecting a large amount will immediately be problematic.

The game strategy looks like this. In every city you visit the girl – Rielter and rent more shops, preferably large and in the city center. Fourth type shops and the smallest, do not take at all – they only bring losses. When renting, it will be necessary not only to deposit rent, but also leave a deposit on the balance at the store (about $ 200000). After that, you go to an advertising agent and conclude a contract for advertising specific stores with a certain combination of methods (newspaper, TV, radio and t.P.). Better if the first four options are selected (do not pay attention to the crazy amounts of contracts). Then you go to the city, to the store plan, and see your buildings, as well as competitor stores . In each store, hire the staff (better than the most beautiful girl – 100% – the profitability of this store depends on the competence of the personnel) and the number of sellers (for large stores is better than 50, for average – 35-30). Then you feed your sex shop with various pornoduits, try to be the most diverse as possible (do not pay attention to expenses) and waiting for the evening. At this point, the balance sheet of the store is updated – it is important for you to in the column profit / loss for the previous day (YEST. Profit) stood a positive number (2000-3000 $ 2000) and the shop turnover was at least 100 (better when the store brings $ 40,000 and turn 1.5 million.$ – such a store should be preserved in every way). The third, to which you should pay attention – the amount of money on the current account of the store (including your initial deposit) should be at least 150-200 thousand. It is at this expense that they come (and deducted) the money earned by the store, and it is from him that you can remove them further and use them at your discretion. If the store after the day brings losses, it means you need to try to change the combination of advertising options for it or the quantity and qualifications of sellers. Over time, the store is gaining popularity, its turnover is growing, and you can move to an increase in the number of personnel (for large stores – up to 60, for medium – up to 40). The criterion here again serves as a big, compared to the consulting, profit after the day. When you have more than 10 stores, you will have to establish transport links for $ 500,000.

The last thing you do in every city is looking at the statistics of competitors’ stores in a given city (there is a store turnover). If it is a profitable store (500000 and higher) or super pribrary (1.5 million and higher), it is simply necessary to take care of the girl saboteur with your feed. Different degree of “care” stands for different money: conclusion for a week – $ 8000, comes – $ 500000. Although, just in case, for a week you can “take care” about all competitors – your profit will be higher, only after the week do not forget to return to this city and process competitors again or they will dismbreten and your most profitable stores will not be exactly the samejust not to make a profit, but tolerate colossal losses daily. In this case, there are two ways: the first is to give up the rental rental (rent money from its current balance and, when the cums are the day, confirm your rejection of the rental with loss of the store and the place for it forever), the second – wait a week, month, tryingreduce to a minimum loss by removing all the goods from the counters, dismissed the staff and abandoning advertising (and also by placing the current account of the store a solid amount to cover losses forward) to pay only for rent, but in the end – not to lose the store. I acted in the first way, and when I had a wide network of profitable stores around the world, I just blew up all the competitor supermarkets.

At your villa, you are drawing with a monthly profit schedule (table) and a list of your capital in various cities (safe) – when you need money, you fly to a specific city and shoot them from the account of your store, leaving a minimum of 200 thousand. In addition, parties (cake) are regularly held on the villa itself, which also bring the popularity of your company (before this it is necessary to hire staff, at least maids, chefs and guards). In the future, the villa will be useful to buy out: it will not be necessary to pay rental. In conclusion, I will note that hexadecimal 50 lemons can be prescribed to accelerate the process at $ 006c Savegame File.

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