What Will Be The New Tomb Raider

Unfortunately, Crystal Dynamics Do not rush to share details regarding the new series of the legendary series Tomb Raider With beauty Larry Croft (Lara Croft). However, the abnormal journalists (temporarily acting spies) something found out. Alas, it is impossible to check the information, as the developers keep the coffin silence and in the near future, apparently, not going to tell. Not a great trouble. At least we know exactly what the next Tomb Raider exists.

So what it can be? First, apparently, it will be necessary to manage a non-experienced woman “for thirty”, but a very young girl, just just a beginner “plump tombs”. But Lara will be beautiful, more than ever (new technologies – thank them). The game will not be divided into levels and mission. We are waiting for a full, open world – presumably a certain island inhabited by various dangerous animals, fabulous monsters (yes, not without any) and, of course, unfriendly aborigines. The main task of Lara – Survive. Use Beauty and Firearms and Fists. Moreover, hand-to-hand fights will be much larger than the shootout. Advanced combat system is attached.

In addition, the likelihood of the appearance in the game Stealth elements, as to use the coarse force (its fragile girl, which is no wonder, not so much) is not always reasonable. Bullets, by the way, have to save, as they will always be missing. However, Lara will be able to arm yourself and the fact that she will fall at hand. Sticks, ropes, axes, knives and stones at your service. Perhaps the weather on the island will change, and it will affect the gameplay. No swimming in the water bodies (and seeing sexual wet lar9). Look forward to. Confirmation of the aforementioned information and release of the game itself.

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