White Girl Disqualified From The Clear Championship Behind The Image Of The Black Hero League Of Legends

Eurocosplay – Cosplay Championship, which is held at different points of Europe. This year, the white girl got to the final of the competition, reincarnated in a black character League of Legends. As you already understood, it was disqualified for Blackfia.

The next stage of the event should start on October 25. Representatives of the championship did not announce the name of the disqualified cosplayer, but Dexerto reports that they became a Frenchwoman Alice Livanar (Alice Livanart). She tried on the image of a solder.

“We hear and appreciate all your concerns about the costume of one of our finalists, – Written organizers Eurocosplay. – We want to confirm that this cosplay will not appear at our event, and we would like to apologize to those whom he could offend “.

We Would Like to Also Confirm That We Are Currently Reviews All of Terms and Conditions to make sure that this does not happen Again.

– Eurocosplay (@eurocosplay) October 8, 2019
As claim Livanar, She did not even stained her body, and built a whole leather suit. Cosplayers also stated that he could understand his critics and did not deny the existence of Blackfia, but she decided to try on hero’s image only from love for him, not wanting to offend any1. The girl believes that it is just a cosplay of a fictional character, no more.

Previously Livanar Won the France Cup for Cosplay and went to the EuroCoSplay final on September 22 with a meticulous costume solder, which, according to RTL estimates, cost it about $ 3,300.

Recall that Blackfia is a make-up, which white people use for the image of black. Over the past year, we have highlighted two more stories related to this phenomenon: Band streamers on Twitch for Blackfia in Cosplay Lyftlan from Apex Legends and “laundering” of black hair lump in Chuchel.

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