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Custom modifications to the offensive rarely honored the close attention of the press: insufficiently curious, and even too negligent, fan projects often find the refuge in the news section or rare digest. However, not every fashion is prepared as an unenviable fate: once in a bloody full moon on the expanses of ModDB comes out the work so ambitious that he is so pulling to pay the first strip. Today we will talk about a single iconic release.

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Without a small 30 years ago founders IDSOFTWARE Golden letters entered their own names in history textbooks. Stating yourself with Commander Keen and experiment with FPS genre in Catacombs 3D and Wolfenstein 3D, in the winter of 1993, the little Texas Studio released a doom, and the world, as publicists like to speak, changed once and for all. Now the contribution of hits Action in pop culture is preferred to reduce the technical and design achievements of his creators – indeed, where there were shooters today, if Dumugai did not saw the devils in the underworld? However, no matter how important inventions John Karmaka (John Carmack) and John Romero (John Romero), the legend gave industry is much more than a shotgun and BFG: she introduced fresh blood into her veins.

The influence of the ID for a whole generation of developers is difficult to overestimate – in the 90s everyone dreamed of becoming rock stars Romero. Traveling in incredibly plausible (with a number of reservations) Corridors of alien bases, shooting demons from plasma and machine gun, young gamers early or later began to draw first in the head, and then on paper unique locations, whole adventures that were asked to the ETT monitor screen. The masterpiece excited the imagination, so as soon as the tools appeared on the network to create modifications, thousands of enthusiasts chairs rushed to make their personal blood. Some made a whole career from this – as, for example, Daniel Gimmer (Daniel Gimmer), Maestro ZDOOM.

Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony: Overview

Like many talented game designers, Gimmer Grew on cult hits. Blake Stone, WING COMMANDER, CIVILIZATION, King’s Quest, Commander Keen – Thanks to his father and his computer, Daniel knew the magic of interactive entertainment long before the campaign in the first class. Years later, by December 93, he became a real expert, an expert of different genres, and it was then to him in his hands hit the floppy with a free episode of that very Doom. Family PC barely dragged a novelty forbidden in Germany, and from the Unshadled Sound Effects Effacts already even then, but for the nine-year-old worker, nothing of this did not matter, because even in this form Knee-deep in the Dead shook him to the depths of the soul.

Although the prospect of creating its own levels intrigued the guy almost immediately, it turned out to fully in the modern community only in zero. Starting relatively simple, from a set of cards (.WAD) Torment & Torture, hoping enthusiast gradually switched to more and more ambitious from a technical point of view of adventures, such as Knee-Deep in Zdoom, Stronghold: On the Edge of Chaos and The Ultimate Torment & Torture. By 2015, he became a recognized craft master, an expert in ID Tech 1 and Doom. However, his most famous creation is ironically connected with another game.

Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony: Overview

Blade of Agony Daniel flooded as a unloading project, a kind of mini-set levels in the spirit of Nazis! and Wolfendoom Anthology, which could be sketched from scratch in a couple of weeks. Fate ordered otherwise: the creation of WAD was delayed for six years. In the development of the development Gimmer And his team Realm667 There were a lot of events and tragedies – a year ago, the poor fellow was buried his father, – and all of them somehow reflected at first for anything that did not bind retribose. And on April 30, the epic durable finally appeared before the gamers in all its glory. He was anticipating him, he was discussed, and personally, John Romero praised him. But deservedly – another question.

Not what, but how

If you do not climb to the background, forget for a moment about the conditioned Hype and just open the official portal, it looks like Wolfenstein… ordinary. Even to some extent inexpressible, given the recent flourishing of oldcual FPS. Gray bunkers, boring trenches, repainted Nazis models straight from Wolf3d – nor give an ordinary historical shooter. Swearing seemingly nothing to say (the authors honestly say that their brains are inspired by early Medal of Honor And Call of Duty), but at the time of installation in the head, the bad suspicions climb: Surely John again advertised a dull passage for beautiful eyes? Skepticism, however, quickly disappears.

Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony: Overview

Nominally, nothing special happens in the entry: the exhaust warrior scoffs with William Blasowitsa a letter in which his friend calls back to the front. Similar intro is easy to place a wall of faceless text – after all, it’s just a mod, the team has no budget, and time, on expensive rollers with breathtaking graphics. But Realm667 Not looking for light paths: the team knows perfectly how important it is to create the right first impression. Elegant operator work, cinematic lighting, measuring sounds of a typewriter under the accompaniment of grandfathers and “lunar sonata” Beethoven – From the opening frames, the craftsmen demonstrate that at least in terms of filing the material they are set to jump above the head.

Seconds ambitious production and gameplay – at first glance, the obvious, but made, as they say, with spark. If you describe the action purely conceptually, then Blade of Agony closer to the original Medal of Honor For PlayStation: Blasstitz, precisely Jimmy Patterson, travels around the world, performs various tasks in the rear (from exploration to sabotage) and mowing the Nazis for bribal music Michael Jacquino (Michael Giacchino), which only enhances the nostalgic effect. From old Wolfenstein The game got an abundance of secrets with collecting treasures (which you need to buy equipment and health upgrades), and from Call of Duty Separate effects and operations with an abundance of statists on both sides came.

Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony: Overview

Between the colleagues on the field of Brahi Geimer, it is allowed to walk on the headquarters of the Allies, chat with the NPC, to do and soar with junk at the apartment. Deus EX? Deus EX.

What distinguishes the “novelty” from relatively slow historical zero shooters, so this is the speaker – the shootings are inspired by the cult FPS on the BUILD engine and often clearly resemble the blood. And comparison with masterpiece Monolith By no means because of the abundance of sprites, modestly “borrowed” from the Gothic militant: every mission is a shot by the soldiers of the Wehrmacht (on average 180 on the map!), the cartridges in the corners are clearly relatively small, the ambush is a lot – after the average level of complexity, the price of an error unexpectedly high. The battles are so hot that only ruins are left to the final from scenery – the spirit captures.

However, most of all Blade of Agony admires diversity. Although the mechanics and structure of levels are generally not changed (they all imply the search for multi-colored keys and fights with nicknames), designers constantly twist new mechanics and unforeseen situations. Then the Bi Jay will be captured, and he will have to gearly rush in the shadows past the guards, the hero will rise in the body of the truck and arm a rocket man – and a couple of times the spy will even turn out to be in the tank cabin, as if on the screen Demeik some Battlefield 1942. With each other episode Realm667 Like more and more links: Against the background of some scenes from the final, the most insane segments of the first episode in retrospect seem to be a harmless routine, warmth before the main event of the evening. However, whatever insane ideas threw the authors, almost all of them look appropriate in context – in this, perhaps, is the hidden genius of the game.

Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony: Overview

The secrets of crushes in levels are very sensible, but specifically for perfectionists the authors left the tips where to find the missing caches. Very nice little things.

Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony РNot just modes based on the great-grandfather of modern FPS. The project, which was treated as a modest ommage slightly forgotten hits, in six years, it was rummaged, evolved and turned into a grand swan song, seeing almanac of events and the images of a whole subsoine FPS. Experiments of the Nazis, landing in Normandy, sabotage artillery, sniper duels on the ruins of European cities Рabsolutely every cliché of the second world, how would it seem to be in place. This is not an exaggeration: Gimmer and the company is carefully transferred with maniacal meticulousness to ID Tech 1 everything, which could reach, brought each element to the absurdity and splrew a set of events together with the first bail Hitler And his craving for occultism. It turned out to be surprisingly folding restart of the history of Blassovitsa, in which the features and Wolf3d are guessed, and Spear of Destiny and, which is interesting, Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Originality, understandable, here neither on the penny – experts have already seen, and more than once. But reproot the authors in copying – akin to criticism Edgar Wright (Edgar Wright) for the predictability of situations in “Zombies named Sean”. Why, if in recognition and meaning? In case of Wolfenstein Proering secondary even works at the metaurovna, if we consider that almost all assets are borrowed from the masterpieces of the past, – this is honored classics, stitched from the flap of the same classics. And we must pay tribute to artists: if you do not know the original sources, many seams can not be noticed, especially at first. No matter how cool the highest pilot.

Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony: Overview

Programmers squeeze all juices from the engine: on the same map, for example, in real time the storm begins, and in many others there are zones with excellent lighting and beautiful water.

If you summarize, Blade of Agony Charming: Only the listing of all bright ideas and curious copyright solutions will take. but Wolfenstein We must not just admire – it is necessary to play in it. And although Realm667 Made a artistic impeccable fighter, did not ask the team with the most important – game design.

Love to hate

Before you take for a whip, I want to make a small but important remark. Any work, whether it is a commercial release or free modification of the old FPS, deserves a critical analysis. And fanatskaya Wolfenstein – complete game, which was developed for six years in a whole group of talented designers, artists and programmers. You can, of course, pretend that all the strength and energy are invested in the free project, it automatically becomes above any criticism, just why? Therefore, the Break Gimmer There will be no concerns for the fact that this amateur mod. It is made at a completely professional level and therefore deserves an fair assessment without a humiliating reservation.

Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony: Overview

Find Valdo.

The disadvantages are not immediately not immediately – the technical component of the couple with a laconic mission in Tunisia creates a great first impression. The guns are shred, the Nazis is beautiful and in different poses die, fire extinguishers explode and open new passages. And then, literally after half an hour after a successful start, mines go to the fore. Gray snipers on no less gray cliffs, guarding mine fields. Invulnerable machine guns outside the map. Almost the same mini bosses that the authors “spam” about and without. And, of course, His Majesty Platiforming – Because in the old school action it is simply impossible to do without acrobatics.

With each level, the list of strange ideas and assumptions is becoming more and more. At first they are subconsciously justify: they say, with whom it does not happen, but as beautiful, as inventively d1. However, no matter how exciting neither shootouts remain, patience has a property to end, and this bowl is overwhelmed long before the final. It would be worthwhile to make a selection of sins Blade of Agony – List ambushes in the worst traditions of Blood, disgusting tank duels (which depend on good luck, not from skill), shooting from the fog of endless enemies and other delights of amateur geimdeva. But it is better to stay on the main.

Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony: Overview

That’s what it is for the shy?

The most obvious problem is focusing on “”, realism ‘”” (this is the case, in several layers of quotes). Although it is a mod on Doom II, a dynamic action, in which the protagonist is worn by levels with the speed of the reactive aircraft, and the descendant Wolfenstein Zd, FPS about Hitler in the robosum, the authors for some reason really wanted to make their creation believable. Their logic in a sense can be understood: early representatives of the genre were abstract and relatively unmanable, and here and the drama, and any historicity – it is impossible to leave everything at the level of 1992. It cost as a result of low blood: absurd labyrinths and colorful keys were left, with first-aged first-aid, Bi Jay simply added an endurance indicator, and the enemies were taught in the case of danger to tumbled and distorted from time to time. Nothing of this, however, did not make a shooter better or more interesting, but ambitions are ambitions.

With the first point, the conversation is short: William (elite soldiers in the heyday of forces) can not run and exhaled in two seconds of the sprint. That, taking into account the length of the levels, it is incredibly annoying and only reminds of stupid rudiments of the genre from the 2010s. The second edit (which was added only in the fresh version of the Fashion) a little more interesting, because in the theory more deft, but silent opponents could make a shootout droplet diverse. Not destiny: tactics from Dark Souls in Blade of Agony Virtually all villains are used less bosses that simply absorbing the battle. Especially “nice” spend five dozen bullets on elite reptiles in gas masks and observe how they break-data not only from automatic queues, but also from the grenades abandoned in their direction (invulnerability cadres are attached). Perhaps this is all just a cunning nod in the direction of Rise of the triad, but where, in this case, Delhi Rankers, endless cartridges and the god regime, which compensated for the thickness of the local cultists?

Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony: Overview

In stealth segments, developers awkwardly copy everything at once – and Thief, and Splinter Cell, and even early Syphon Filter. The solution is bold, but the AI and the absence of clear rules (in some rooms it is necessary to make noise!) All spoil.

From the above, which is interesting, follows another serious disadvantage – delay. Campaign Blade of Agony It consists of about 20 missions (these are 30+ cards), and, as already noted, each of them is unique in its own way that the gameplay one is that visually. Some admire the idea – and then bored, because designers for some reason refuse to give on the brakes on the brakes.

The most obvious example arises at the very beginning: in the second mission of William must be released the captive American and accompany him to the Allies. It sounds like interesting, that’s just execution spoils the elegance of ideas: you first need to invade one base, then clean up the neighboring laboratory, then run through the minefield, after which 40 Nazis is in prison, reach the prisoner through cellars and ventilation, long-longThrough sad gray corridors and parking, under the Howl Siren, follow the railway, and then undermine the German armored personnel carrier and meet with a coherent. To the final from one such marathon exhale, and here every second level stretches two or three times longer than the right.

Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony: Overview

Like in Medal of Honor with Call of Duty, after the cameras hit, just monsterly shakes, which is not very well combined with the gameplay and traps in the door of Doom.

W Realm667 In general, constantly refuses the sense of measure, and is noticeable only in trifles. For example, there is nothing wrong with references, but when each level is a shot of “Easter eggs” on the topic of cinema, games, even memes, the concept of such wisers loses its entire meaning – from rare, but bright flashers “fourth wall” they turn into a routine,And the work itself loses individuality. Similarly, they abuse here with jokes: so, almost every bit of the Bi Jay for one reason or another lies in the restroom, and almost every time on the toilet (necessarily next to the treasure) sits and shit Naz9. GEG causes a grin once, twice, three times – but for the tenth time he has a pretty boring. How much can you repeat, in fact?

Paradoxically, but in other, much more important aspects of the fashion, on the contrary, there is not enough constancy. All the same second level demonstrates soldiers on a kind of mini-submarine – after which they disappear from the narration once and for all. During the secret mission episode 2 designers sharply (then you mean without workout in the spirit Sigil) Enter the switches and objects that you need to shoot from afar, and then they immediately forget about them. Worse, sometimes they forget about our own rules, the city is invisible walls, then hidden points of non-return – and this is in the game where you need to look for secrets, and for the sake of some caches you have to stall almost at the very beginning of location!

Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony: Overview

“Let’s give the first type of mutants to attack at a distance so that it becomes almost indistinguishable from other mutants”.

In such a spirit, it is possible to continue infinitely, commenting on the “gip-adolescence” of the enemies, an uneven scenario, extra mechanics (say, useless kicks) and good ideas, implemented through stump a deck (like stels-segments and a shop with upgrades). A number of claims are easy to characterize as “clinging to trifles” – and it is difficult to argue with it, because the game is not bad, even good. But the roughness so much that sooner or later the most optimistic-tuned gamer will get tired of making discounts on the origin of the militant and will begin to ask for philosophical issues like “what a fuck?”And” On Figa?”. And the answer, as a rule, sounds simple: because.

Without a small 20 hours later Wolfenstein: Blade of Agony Causes amazingly mixed emotions. At first, the fashion sincerely impresses with all: idea, scale, level of study – it is clearly seen that the shooter did not newcomers, but people experienced, perfectly understanding how old school FPS should work. It is a pity that it did not help them to avoid the usual robles of amateur game-design – in particular, no reason for the “”, realization ‘”” and the desire to stuff in their creation, and more. The people love to swear on evil producers who let the will to strangle the idea of the embryo, however Realm667 it would not hurt exactly such a person.

And what, failure? Despite the tone of the last paragraphs – not at all. There is a lot of good in the game: shooting fun, to explore very beautiful in the standards of GZDOOM levels interesting, and sensible ideas about equally equal. Simply, as it often happens with promising releases, annoying shortcomings so contrast with high-class all the rest that all the work in the end leaves a strange aftertaste.

If you put it in advance with irregularities and do not wait for miracles, tune in to a good action for a couple of evenings, then from Blade of Agony You can get a lot of pleasure – she is certainly not worse (perhaps even better) some The New Colossus and surely more pleasant toothless imitation of Oldcul, which. Yes, flawless Magnum Opus Gimmer It did not come out, and yet it is a completely unprofitable “last bow” of one of the Masters doom. Could be much better – but it will come.

Pros: good shooting;variety of locations and tasks;amazing picture;a number of good ideas;abundance of content;skill card design;Interactivity in the spirit of shooters on Build Engine;excellent sound engineering;inventive use of other people’s assets;availability of translation into Russian;Free.

Minuses: enemies-sponge;poor tank segments;endless respaun opponents at some levels;places frankly bad game design;tightened majority missions;bust with references and “easter eggs”;poor autosave;””,realism'””;Dubbed Ai partners in the third episode.

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