Wolfenstein: Youngblood: Tips And Guide For Beginners

For budget spin-ofa Wolfenstein: Youngblood turned out to be quite a big game. You are offered to explore several parts of New Paris, take advantage of various types of weapons, as well as unlock many improvements and skills that allow you to diversify the passage of the game. Below we will look at the main mechanics and share quality councils.

Quick tips:

– search each box and locker, which see, because the first aid kits, armor and cartridges are stored.
– Use a mini card correctly. If the area is marked with dark gray, it means you have not been in this room yet.
– Kill the commandants (officers). Without them, in case of detection, the reinforcement will be less.
– Seductively sit apart somewhere in the shelter and beat the opponents assault, but think about running forward. Sometimes it will be possible to detect the installed turret or heavy weapons.
– Always look up, in search of open windows and ventilation channels, which are often leading to new rooms and allow you to get a reward.
– You do not need to clean each room or location. Sometimes you can just run forward.
– in many areas, even if you do not leave the location, the enemies are reborn, so do not even try to fully clean the levels.
– code from the door, elevator and so on will know only the player who has deciphered a floppy disk. Do not forget to communicate with your partner.
– You can slide: Relieve and press the squat key.
– You can’t suspend the game with the ESC key, even if you play with i9.
– Naves on the enemy in front allow you to grab his weapons and use to destroy it.
– Collecting items in the journal are placed in the order in which you can find them on locations. With the exception of 3D glasses.
– If both of your characters were shot down from the legs and die, then let one of you sacrifice themselves to help climb another. So you will spend only one common life.
– finding the code on the note or diskette, you will automatically see it when you enter on the panel or box. No need to memorize passwords!
– Communicate with members of French resistance and visit Abby as often as possible, which will have additional tasks and tests, for which you can get a good reward in the form of silver coins and experience points.
– Finally, between Youngblood and Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot is a storyline. If you pass both games, then you must keep track of it.

Matching arms armor of opponents (shields)

About 2/3 opponents in the game use energy shields. This is a kind of armor combined with health scale. You need to destroy the shield before you can apply the enemy real damage.

There are armor of two types – heavy and easy. Accordingly, the enemies with shields have narrow or wide fission of white color (hollow or empty squares). White blocks are located on the right side on the health scale. Selection of weapons in accordance with the enemy armor will allow you to achieve maximum efficiency.

You can see shield icons in three places:

– to the right of the enemy health;
– to the right of the number of ammunition for each weapon in the gadget wheel (opens key V);
– to the right of the number of ammunition of the selected weapon in the lower right corner of the screen.

In the last two cases, white blocks indicate that the barriers of which type of this weapon destroys the best. So your task is to compare these badges and make sure that they are identical with the health scale of the enemy.

Choose the best weapon for heavy armor, then switch to the same, but for easy, after which you can change them by pressing alone keys al1. This will allow faster to navigate in major shootings.

Do not forget that there are weapons like laser, diesel and electrocraphraphraphraphraphraphors, as well as heavy types of weapons also have white blocks and destroy the armor of a certain type. Even a pair of dozens of stagnate grenades Dieselcrafour will not help you destroy the enemy if it uses heavy shields (the weapon is intended for the lungs)!

Improve weapons as early as possible and more

Do not be afraid to improve the weapon from the very beginning of the game. In Wolfenstein: Youngblood you can find and earn a lot of money (silver coins), and investigate them should be mainly in the upgrades of weapons.Wolfenstein: Youngblood: Tips and guide for beginnersWindow weapons.
For each weapon there are five or less positions to improve. For each position there are 3 branded upgrades that affect one of the characteristics – accuracy, rapidity and power. One of the brand of improvements is concentrated on accuracy, the other – at rapidness and so on. So for all weapons!

You will receive various bonuses to weapons, killing enemies with it and raising the level of skill. However, you can also get a good bonus if you equip improvements for three positions from one brand.

What is equally important: the improvements you choose add modifiers to weapons. It is about the appearance of a flashlight or a change of ammunition that uses weapons. And sometimes with the help of improvement, one can turn semi-automatic weapons into a fully automatic or vice versa. Be careful and read what the upgrades are offered.

Select “Scroll” to save time

At the beginning of Wolfenstein: Youngblood you have to choose a build of your character. Mainly we are talking about cosmetic solutions, however, you will also be asked to stay on one of the two skills – “disguise” or “crushing”. In the first case you are invisible for a while, which is very useful for stealth passing lovers. But the “crushing” will turn your body into a weapon.

If you do not hurt the desire to pass the game is secretly, then select “Scroll”, and “Masking” Buy later for glasses skills. Both perk are useful, but “crushing” will bring much more benefits.

“Scroll” allows you to break the wooden boxes, break through the special lattice doors and apply damage to opponents (when landing or direct collision on the run). Improve this skill in the “Character” menu and you can apply a huge damage with it (enlarged 4 times). If you have not chosen “crushing” at the beginning of the game, then buy skills for glasses. About its utility can be judged at least at the cost of the perk – as many as 5 skills. Now you never have to beat more than 15 times on a wooden box using cold weapons.

Melee Weapon – Standing Thing

With such a wide assortment of weapons and many improvements easy forget about the attacks of melee. But do not do it! Do not treat cold weapons how to some redemption: it looks powerfully and spectacular.Wolfenstein: Youngblood: Tips and guide for beginnersCold weapons in action.
Every time the enemy knows about your presence, your attack in the near battle will be silent even if you do not complain the opponent (do not kill clicks on the wheel of the mouse). For low-level enemies (ordinary innocent) Such attacks are at all fatal. The ability of the “Supersoldat Hunter” from the section “Muscles” will make you even stronger. Faced with the Nazi face to face, you can also use the cold weapon. As your character’s level increases, damage will increase in the near battle.

Large opponents have their own vulnerable points

Especially strong enemies (usually the largest), such as bumps, not enough to simply compare the type of weapons to armor. Inspect the enemy and see visa tips, such as armoflastines or bare gas tanks. Use such points in your own interests. For example, the weaknesses of the boncarheund are located on his sides. Shooting there, you destroy monster much faster. In the case of destroyers and citadels, try to shoot the forearm area where armoflastines are located. First, you destroy their hands, secondly, you will apply more damage. If you destroy both hands, then the destroyer or the citadel will explode.

Powerful enemies also tend to be vulnerable to some more advanced types of weapons, such as laser, diesel and electro-framework. Panzerochund, for example, easy to destroy, shooting from the same lasercraft.Wolfenstein: Youngblood: Tips and guide for beginnersVulnerable points.

New weapons you get along the plot

From the very beginning of the game, after the prologue, you will notice various doors and metal boxes that cannot be discovered without weapons with very long German-speaking names. We are talking about laser-, diesel and electrocraft. All of them are associated with three major quests – Brutere-1, Brueder-2 and Brueder-3. These are more prolonged and complex missions, but new weapons are an excellent reward for their implementation.

Complete locations after receiving new abilities and weapons

The weapon you get during the plot tasks will allow you to open new doors and collect various items – from collectors to silver coins inside the boxes. Every time, receiving new weapons, be sure to visit the previously covered locations and open such doors. But if you do not want to rebuild them a hundred times to a row, then try to fulfill all the tasks in the “Bruders” to have three types of weapons in your hands, and then visit the promenade, a little Berlin, Victory Boulevard, the fourth zone and the same “Bruds”.

Use support and skill signals

You have a support signal that gives both characters various gains. This feature has its cooldown, so it will not be sold. On the other hand, the timer is not so great. Do not forget to activate the signal at the first opportunity. This occurs by pressing one key – T. For this you will receive health or armor glasses, gain to damage or temporary decrease in incoming damage.

Earning silver coins, do not forget to buy new support signals in the menu “Character”. The choice will be asked 9 signals, so do not dwell on some 1.

Help in the fight against the Nazis and various new skills. Read their descriptions. In addition, in the “Character” section there is a graph amplifiers. There you can buy for 200/400 coins one of three amplifiers, double-increasing damage, health and armor. You can buy three amplifiers at once. One purchase gives a bonus for 10 minutes. You can buy 6 amplifiers of one type at once so that, for example, for the next hour in the game, increase the back of health by two times.

Game for Jess and Sophia of the same type

Despite the fact that at the beginning of the game you are offered to make a choice in favor of one of the sisters, the game for Jess and Sophia looks identical. Just in the first case you will see one sister as a partner, in the second – another. It is noteworthy that we have passed the game twice, and in the end we showed two different videos. What is it connected, it is not clear.

Explore the surrounding world

Most of the Wolfenstein games from Machinegames contained linear levels in which you had to move from the point “A” to the point “B”. However, Youngblood looks completely different, and in all “to blame” Arkane Studios. Paris is divided into several nodes, each of which is fully open and accessible to the study. Although it is not the biggest outdoor game world that you have ever seen, according to Wolfenstein standards, it is really huge. Thanks to the size, intricate design and vertical levels, many secret passes and rooms are hidden here. In addition to the search for collectible items, you can find silver coins for which almost everything is bought in the game.Wolfenstein: Youngblood: Tips and guide for beginnersThis door opens with dieselkrafour.
As examples of intricateness levels, one of the well-hidden boxes in the fourth zone can be given. In the corridor in the corner there is a closet, and in the next bedroom, over a bunk bed hangs the clock. Finding a floppy disk, you will learn about this place and that you need to click on the clock in order to open the cabinet.

Double weapons

Jess and Sofia, unlike his father, not so hardened by the murder of the Nazi army. In Youngblood, what a hint of the name is hinting, heroines only learn to martial arts. Those things that Bi Jay considers to be granted, sisters should study. This applies to the skill of possession of pistols in two hands. You will have to unlock the appropriate skill from the “Muscles”.

Heavy weapons

Another feature that will be very useful to you. In the tree skills you can find the ability “Large caliber”. Unlocking cost – 4 skills. Looks expensive, especially at the beginning of the game, but you will be happy to acquire it. The ability will allow you to select and use heavy weapons discharged by enemies or stored in large wooden boxes. You can go further and unlock perk, allowing you to add heavy weapons to the inventory and subsequently improve it.

Especially useful support signal

If you play a cooperative, and even at a high level of complexity, it is extremely important to use any tools that increase efficiency in battle. It will not always be possible to run up to the wounded sister to safely raise it on his feet. In this case, a support signal for 3000 coins will be useful (search in the “Character” section), which allows you to raise my sister while at any distance from it.Wolfenstein: Youngblood: Tips and guide for beginnersAnd this signal completely restores HP.

Incredibly useful bunch of support signals

Playing in a cooperative, in battle with especially dangerous bosses or in mass shootouts, a bunch of two following support signals will be extremely useful: one sister will activate the signal, together the reduction in the resulting damage, and the other – halving the injuries that you apply to opponents.

Check goals

No, this is not the most feature from Far Cry, where you can mark any opponent to subsequently track its movement and facilitate secretive passage. Instead, the labeling system in Youngblood allows you to celebrate only one enemy. In the cooperative it is not as useful, but if you play alone, then your own partner will attack the marked goal.

Collect floppers

Discipers are scattered on many locations in Youngblood. Collect them and decipher in terminals to find caches with coins and collectible items.

Perform side tasks

You do not need to perform absolutely all side tasks available from various characters in the catacombs, however, before going to Brueds, be sure to go most of them to pump the character. And some missions will allow you to find alternative routes to Bruderas. Thanks to this, you will not have to storm them through well protected main gates.

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