World Of Tanks Blitz Celebrating Birthday Gifts

You have noticed that three years have passed since the tank online action World of tanks blitz First opened its doors for users of mobile devices based on iOS, and then – six months later – and for Android? And the company Wargaming noticed and even in a hurry together with you to celebrate this event.

The developers are terribly glad to make things to World of tanks blitz. As – in no way, in the last three years, 90 million players on both platforms have been registered in a mobile shooter. Wargaming concluded an agreement on cooperation with SEGA, As a result, at your disposal, for example, tanks from Valkyria Chronicles and familiar fans a voice from Girls und Panzer. Not to mention the project Artist Signature Label, in which Kunio Okwara (KUNIO OKAWARA) painted specifically for multiplayer cool tank. Yes, and new cars “Helsing H0” and “T6 Dracula” put the game in a new light.
Shortly speaking, World of tanks blitz Successfully grows and develops. And yes, you too can get a whole set of gifts in honor of the birthday of action. In particular, everyone who goes into battle from June 26 to 8:30 am (Moscow time) on July 3, will receive:

● 300 gold units;
● Premium Tank M3 light or 340,000 if you already have it;
● Premium Tank T7 Combat Car or 260,000 if you already have;
● 2 slots in the hangar;
● 1 day premium account;
● 50,000 parts for equipment;
● 25 enhanced equipment recharging boosters (+ 10%);
● 10 enhanced boosters of free experience (+ 350%);
● 10 enhanced crew experience boosters (+ 150%);
● 10 enhanced boosters of combat experience (+ 60%);
● 25 standard equipment recharging boosters (+ 5%);
● 15 standard free experience boosters (+ 150%);
● 15 standard crew experience boosters (+ 60%);
● 15 standard combat experience boosters (+ 25%).

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