World Of Warcraft Classic Launches On August 27. Closed Beta Test – Tomorrow

Blizzard Determined with the date when Azeroth becomes great: the official “vanilla” version World of Warcraft Without a heap of additions start on August 27. And tomorrow, players will be able to get into closed testing.

To submit an application to the ZBT, you must have an active subscription to World of Warcraft and get through to the site World of Warcraft Classic. “Break through” – because at the time of writing news site was lying unconscious. There is a workaround: Go to Battle account.NET and on this page put the appropriate tick.

And even if you submit an application, in the ZBT will only be allowed by invitations. Larger stress tests will arrange during the summer – apparently, then the game will be able to try everything.

Recall that World of Warcraft Classic based on patch 1.12.0, which is known as the “war drums”. The developers have already sketched an approximate plan for how to bring Classic to the state before The Burning Crusade.

Classic will be part of the standard subscription World of Warcraft.

This year World of Warcraft Performed 15 years, and a series Warcraft In general – 25 years. In honor of the anniversary during the 2019th in Battle for azeroth Special events will be held, including a raid, where 25 people will fight against the most iconic bosses in the history of the game. Award for victory in the raid – Mount Obsidian WorldBreaker.

For collectors on October 8 will be released World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition for 99.99 US dollars. The edition will include:

• Statue of Ragnarosa height 25.5 centimeters,
• Onyxia icon,
• Mouse pad with Azeroth map,
• Printed illustrations,
• 30 days for World of Warcraft,
• one mount for the alliance and one – for the Horde (only for the current version World of Warcraft, not for Classic).

Update on May 15: The publication will appear in Russia for 5,999 rubles.

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