World of Warcraft: Secrets, Hints, Arena Tips

There are some subtleties of the game that not everyone even knows (and many mega fathers do not want to reveal their secrets), but which can sometimes tip the scales in battle in your favor.
You will say that there is a lot on the forum and only the lazy did not find all this, but perhaps many (like me) would like to see this in one (preferably an attached topic) in order to save our precious time with you, and someone can find for themselves something new.

I invite everyone (especially our beloved folders and mothers) to share their secrets, chips, etc..

I will try to somehow systematize the information that you add

Secrets shared by all classes

hint # 1, according to the very conclusion from a sheep, a Khanty block: take 1 of 2 spawning stones in any arena (to search for players in stealth) – the debuff will be received within 20 seconds. inflict penny damage on you, while taking you out of the sheep.

Secrets available to all manaizers

hint # 1, a good way to breed a mage to a cop, a varr to a pummel, a horn to a kick, etc. – this is fake heal known to many. Cast starts and folds halfway. Oddly enough, sometimes it even works at high ratings.

hint №2, paradoxically – many do not know that you can drink water in the arena. Bought in SV in the barracks

hint # 3, a lock dog is sitting on you with an autocast dispel, but you need to hang an important buff on yourself? first hang up a 1 rank buff (priestly use a fade for 30 mana or so for this), the dog eats it and you can safely hang up the already needed buff, cd for the dispel at the felhunt is 8 seconds.


hint # 1, which can be used by any varr, in any build and in any stance. The situation is this: you know that in a couple of seconds they will control you, for example, they will make a cute lamb out of you and you cannot resist this in any way, but “Oh! Miracle!” next to you (within a radius of 10 yards) a mage elemental hangs out, then you use a rarely used, but nevertheless wonderful instant cast ability: Challenging Shout:
in fact, you taunt the elem to yourself and he is forced to attack you, which will immediately knock you out of the sheep
you can also taunt hunter pets (if Hunt zayuzal ozverin, pet does not taunt), lock pets, druid trees.

hint number 2, from games with a pet, you can add a discharge of fire not to a lock / hunt, but to a pet. In the same way, you can make fun of a shamik – discharge a fir into a totem. Advantages – firstly, there are usually no pillboxes on the pet, which will allow you to bandage, and secondly, if you are not going to bandage, then you can pick the enemy for a while for free, while he is running in the fire.

hint number 3, if for some reason you ended up with a shield in your hands (there is a hard trick on you or you decided to reflect on something or you just really love shields) and at the same time you are in a battle or def stand and there is a certain impudent next to you The caster tries to cast some kind of byaka, then using the Shield Bash ability:
then you will interrupt the cast and shut up the school for 6 seconds (the pummel shuts down for 4 seconds), while unfortunately the cooldown for the pummel will increase from 10 sec to 12 (the pummel and shield bash on one cooldown).

hint # 4, disarm in the camp – the point is that CD is disarma for a minute, and in order to surely feed the enemy (remove the doji / parry and not be afraid to waste the stew and global CD), before planting disarm, do an intercept into it, and only after this disarm.


hint # 1, under the varr – MK caste. Having received a pummel, you can safely charge the GC, for example, without getting it – throw the varr off the bridge or take it away beyond the LoS.


hint # 1, under frostmag – cast chl rank 1 to get an additional magic buff. After hitting the new one – caste BoF and instant reast BoK / BoV. The BoK / BoV rebuff on top of BoF is needed only for one thing – to prevent the magician from getting BoF. (It’s easier to make a macro like / cancelaura Blessing of Freedom, because if the magician is just waiting to reduce the freed, then 1.5 seconds of GCD will be enough for him.)

hint # 2, if the pet does not let the palu drink, and at the same time you have to run a lot after the posts, then you can hang the pet on the pet and regenerate the mana on the run.

hint # 3, here is one (albeit little used) paladin trick: against commands like afflicter + horns, if there is time between heals (or if you run from the horn, and freed on CD), then it makes sense to use not cleanse, but purify. Then the wunding and creeping pozones will be removed without the risk of receiving a debuff from a dispelled UA.


hint №1, if the warrior has used the reflex, and you have a fel armor hanging and will hang – castanite the siphon life. As a result, the warlock gets his own pillbox, which heals him, and the healed surpasses that taken away thanks to the fel armor. Plus, this “hot” removes many types of control.


hint # 1, a hunt can scare beast pets of another hunt if they are not psychotic. Drulya in “animal” form and a shaman in a dog can also be shown.


hint # 1, a druid can hibernate hunt pets if they are not psychotic. Drulya in “animal” form and a shaman in a dog can also stick together.

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