X Rebirth: Tip (More money, edit Save Game)

For those who are too lazy to accumulate a large fortune in an honest (and not only) way, I give instructions on how to increase capital from the very beginning of the game.
1) You must have a working sync. We go into the game and know our current account (function Enter – 2 – 1). For example: at the very beginning of the company, we had 100,000 credits in our account.
2) We are looking for where the synchronization file itself lies – C: \ Users \ ***** \ Documents \ Egosoft \ X Rebirth \ ****** \ save select the desired synchronization file. For example: save_001.xml
3) Open the file with notepad (the file is quite weighty, so it may take a long time to open). Press F3 and enter the number of available credits (100,000) into the search bar. But you need to be careful, since there are a lot of parameters with an indicator of 100,000, I strongly advise against correcting them all. The parameters we need look like this:
m “100000” at the very beginning of the file
account id = “[0x5d]” amount = “100000” there will be several of them, I had 4.
id = “money_player” value = “100000” closer to the end.
change the number to the desired one, save, start the game, load the save – and voila, you are a billionaire.

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