Xbox 360 will soon be happy with Warface

Xbox 360 will soon be happy with Warface
Not passed years from the moment the freacture shooter Warface came out on xbox 360, and Crytek Suddenly declares his intention to collapse the support of the project on this platform. The company has already pointed out in Facebook to the exact date: game servers will close on February 1 of the following year.

Registered users can continue to fight in a multiplayer and do not bathe about anything, but the new game entrance is ordered. Besides, in Warface suspended selling loans (kredits), local in-game currency.

Crytek did not specify what caused the decision to ruin the Xbox 360 version of the shooter, but only thanked users for support and interest in the project. Reasons for concern for the fate of computer Warface, which attracted more than 25 million players, so far no.

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