Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Video Game Overview

Nintendo knows how to work on errors. In the time of Wii u, the main hits were late, and the console fell. Therefore, in the year of the appearance of Switch, all those games should come out for which the device will buy. Must go out at any cost, because the Japanese policy of politics will argue with the Chinese Communist Party. We have already seen “Zelda” and Mario Card 8 Duffer – They, fortunately, simply ported the new Iron, – as well as somewhat missed, but still excellent Splatoon 2 And Super Mario Odyssey. But in the case of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – The most voluminous releases of 2017 – hurry has provided a begging service rather.Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Game ReviewThe hurry is visible almost immediately – the sky in the very first stage is prepared primitive.

Titans hold land on stone legs

In the magic world, Alsht remains not so many cities. All because they lie on the shoulders and backs of huge ancient monsters – Titans. Titans old as the world and are already beginning to die. Space for life decreases, people are becoming more cruel, sorrow and dooms reign in the air. Among the endless cloudy ocean, stamps from one continent-titanium to another guinea Rex. He lives on the back of the monster compact sizes – the hut is just placed on his back – and calling the samp’s monster (gramps).

Works Rex “The garrist” – so on Alarest call divers on the bottom that get all sorts of antiquities and rarities for sale. He is fearless and almost intense – having received a huge deposit for a dangerous incomprehensible task, immediately wants to send 90% to his native village. But naturally, the muddy operation in the muddy depths of the planet will turn into a conspiracy and the young man will be unwilling in the center of the conflict of the powerful forces that they want to get a very powerful artifact weapon. The tie is not entirely original, but the fans of the genre are already accustomed.

And fans Xenoblade got used to the fact that the main thing in this series is a huge magnificent world. And here they are waiting for understandable disappointment. After all, if earlier we had one or two large continents, now the planet consists of a dozen islands. Let sometimes huge but separated. As a result of those impressions when you run, run, examine, examine and the end-edge of your search is not visible, here much less. However, all titans turned out very different, and the nature grown on them is impressive, so the world is still felt alive and breathes with full breasts.Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Game ReviewGrand Nature Around and Her Fancy Forms – Serial Business Card. Here XC2 holds a brand.

Whether the drivers are shot by electrical blades?

Full breasts breathe and Paira – a girl with a bust of about fifth size, which Rex meets in the Prolog. True, she is not quite a girl: she is blade. Not a black fighter with vampires, but a perfect weapon, an old sword with fiery abilities and at the same time an attractive young lady. Paira wants to get to the Elisium – a magic country where Titans come from, and Rex willingly makes her company in this journey.

The blades in the world of Alshta a lot, they may look like people, animals or monsters, and each blade for disclosing their abilities must connect with the driver. That is, a person capable of saving with the powerful energy of this weapon. The drivers are also plenty of drivers, most of them are created directly on the canons of the Sienan genre – these are very steep guys and girls who will not stop the sake of achievement.

The relationship of one and other and essences of blades is dedicated to the main game line. In their attempts to raise the relationship of man and artificial creature, the topic of memory and animation Xenoblade Very reminds the famous book Philip Dick (Philip K. DICK). And, as always in the series, we are waiting for sudden turns of the plot, forcing me to rethink everything that happens. True, the artificiality of many characters, not particularly covered Heroine bodies and stupid creatures – Nrophons in serious roles noticeably destroy the impression of Xenoblade Chronicles 2.Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Game Review“Put my arm on my chest,” says Paira five minutes after dating. All girls so!
But Monolith Soft would not be if I created just Sonenan Anime. Here, even a taller scene can be supplemented with a funny detail: here Rex and the girl-cat NIA seriously talk about the reality of Elyzium – the lady is trying to leave the team, and the stupid Torah runs away from behind the back of the Rex (apparently, in an attempt to stop it), andThat one sharp movement overturns his round fellow on earth. The trouble is that the heroes even in such situations resemble dolls on rollers, and the English-speaking voice, be confused by cool European accents, but greatly inferior in the emotions of Japanese.

“What kind of pokemon?”

In some sense Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Reminds the last part Pokemon. We are collecting satellite blades, tie up to three partners to each of the main members of the team and competently tasuch all this game in battles. With partners everything is easy: they have three typical class RPG – Tank, Medic and Fighter. Blades can be a weapon of both near and far battle, and their main abilities are “pumping out” by the usual purchase of a new chip in the store. Moreover, just like Pokemon, blades can be especially rare and appear only from special kernel crystals.

If the idea itself is to combine weapons and partner – wonderful, then its use in battle is very confusing. So, at the basic level, we have skills (ARTS) – they change depending on the blade and gradually accumulate during automatic attacks. Next to the case, the special techniques of Blade are entering – those are divided into four levels and can be associated with special techniques of Blade of your partners. And for combo in the partner, the accumulated level of special reception should be higher than you.Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Game ReviewYou, of course, understood what happens. Because you still need to read the tips.
With the skillful connection of such combo, you can carry out the most powerful attacks, but for this you need that the natural capabilities of your and allied blades be coincided according to the planned game logic. The paths can be different, and it seems to be a combination with the “Pokemonazor” should deliver indescribable pleasure … But the trouble is that this system is too unclear in local chaotic battles, when there are always dozens of informational lines on the screen, and the fighters are yelling. The desire not spoiled by Japanese role-playing games of a person in such a situation – to put everything on a self-shot. But in this case, fights will become very long, and the coarse will kill.

In their other mechanics the second Chronicles also not too gent. For example, blades have passive “skills”, regularly falling in crystals. But before using the crystal, it must be “pumping” in a special shop, giving certain items. So, you knocked out a cool opportunity from a monster, and to take advantage of it, you need to run another half an hour and score in the fields still a dozen pieces of wood or beetles. It does not encourage. I consciously will not paint all the local things like the level of proximity between the heroes – to reveal them on their own, still interesting, but sometimes very vigorously.

Not all that is gold that sounds

Those who break through the journey of information on combat screens should notice that the game is very much different in the portable and console modes. Connect to a TV – and in front of us a pretty picture, clear textures and smooth shift frames. But it is worth getting a Switch somewhere in the subway – and Alreš with its inhabitants as if returned to the era of the second PlayStation. Muddy clouds suddenly arising from nowhere opponents, a premises that loads after you ran into the room, and permanent “brakes” is the first time when the console productivity varies so much in the docking station and outside it. And I want to believe that one of the first patches will correct the problem.Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Game Review8-bit mini game Tiger! Tiger! – one of those places where the pixel graphic is just by the way. And she is cool!
I also want the nearest serious patch to do something with navigation and explanations. From the first there are catastrophic problems, amazing also because in the past parts everything was simple and understandable. We do not give a full-fledged map, where you can explore the intricacies of giant roots and underground grottoes. And guide lighthouses help very weakly. To get to one of the story quests, I had to ask for help on the network, because after a couple of watches wandering around the neighborhood I wanted to throw a console about the wall.

With explanations of the whole hardcore from past paragraphs are still worse. IN Xenoblade Chronicles You can not just take and learn from the menu, how any of those mentioned by the comboosystem works. If you missed, did not understand and did not take a picture of the screen, everything that remains is to find out the principles of work itself. Somewhere in the way, the characters will meet, who will be able to express individual mechanics very indirectly, but there is no normal for JRPG “Knowledge Books”. Like Bestiary. Obvious hurry and hack.

But with what exactly in no hurry, so it’s with music. It began to record two years ago, and Yasunari Mitsuda (Yasunori Mitsuda) created stunning compositions, which reaches many sins of the game. When something began to inform me, I ran into a clean field, looked at the chic star sky, listened to the miracle melodies and crumbled “Montryatin”. Very meditative – and then the problem of the task comes itself.Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Game ReviewHowever, all flaws compensate such scenes. Or not.***
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – a very good game, but she lacks some little things, and as a result, the impressions are constantly lubricated. Besides Tsuya Takahasi (Tetsuya Takhash9) and the team used a very risky, frankly “fanvice” style that will definitely pushing many fans of serious JRPG. And lovers of simple entertainment, on the contrary, will be crazy from the local combat system and the overall prolonity. Perhaps the project did not have enough of some months to polish, possibly, Monolith Soft It was difficult to collect a masterpiece on the same base for the third time, but this issue Xenoblade, Unlike the first two, none in one component does not make something important and breakthrough. Although fans of large magic worlds and jumping at fifty-meters adolescents to miss such simply.

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