Xenus. Boiling point: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Xenus. Boiling point: passage

For starters, by tradition, several useful tips. In the city bar, where you will be delivered at the very beginning of the game, you can communicate with representatives of different groups and decide for yourself to whom will work to get enough money to fulfill the main quests, which are considered in this passage. And the described path may be far from the only. If you forgot something, then look at the notebook, where all conversations are saved, and the labels on the compass and the map will be prompted, where you need to get, with accuracy to the meter. Just do not forget to first choose the desired quest so that the marker is updated. On the map For convenience, you can give names to different places. Without a reason, do not shoot in passersby, it’s easy to spoil the relationship with some clan, and the game will be more difficult to pass. However, staying in the world with everyone will not work. Do not forget to refuel the car with gasoline so that it does not block at the most inopportune moment. You can ride not only on the roads, but also across the jungle, it turns out much faster than walking. Obstacles for cars here are only high hills, and large trees, well, still water obstacles. Sometimes it is better to take a taxi, it turns out more expensive, but the car saves. To manage different types of vehicles, it is necessary to get the appropriate guide and pay for the training of Augusto, which is located to the north-west of the city, on the shore of a large reservoir.
So, arriving in the city, go to the editor, where Lisa worked, and talk there with the editor. In just a thousand peso, this kind human will report that she wanted to make a report about Don Pedro, the main criminal authority, known for the nickname black spider. In addition to such valuable information, he will give a piece of xenus, megaphone and a microphone to overheard other people’s conversations, manual on motor boat management, as well as car keys. Now you can use it, she stands near at home. Where exactly is the new Villa Don, the editor does not know, but he will mention Barmen Luis from “Black Jaguar”. For three hundred Pesos Barman will indicate the location of the villa, and will also tell about her architect who lives in the same city. Go to it.
Architect with the strange name Burunducia will tell about the three plans of the secret penetration of the villa, and for everyone he will go off its price. Choose that you preferably, for example, to get through the side door or use the secret underground tunnel drawn from the river itself. The last option is the most expensive and “pull” for five thousand pesos. Before traveling to the villa, you can apply to the collector, which for 7500 will sell its piece of xenus.
Don Pedro will deny his participation in the abduction of Lisa and generally tell that he was still like a father of his native. So holly and cherished. And after meeting with him she, they say, went back to the city. And most likely the main crook, most likely, is not he, an honest and respectable person, but a cunning editor, to which it is worth a re-visiting. Pedro to Pedro will give a plane management guide. Right itself. To bring the editor to clean water will not work, for in the most responsible moment of it from the roof of the sniper, which then screams by car.
Inspire about the murderer (a remarkable type – bald, one-eyed and in tattoos) can be from the seller of fruits on the street or at the head of the checkpoint on the road. Empty seller even noticed the number of the car, which will inform you for three thousand, plus to the one thousand that you post it for the appearance description. Something does not burn something with the desire to help you, but for 12,000 it will tell that the car is listed in the hijacking, and belongs to the Uvalo Tibaidus Amaro living in a similar address. The owner of the car confess that no one cradle has a car, and he lent her to his friend Umberto. It’s easy to find it, he works by the seller of cigarettes at the entrance to the city, next to the equestrian monument.

Umberto does not turn out to be in place, the merchant will introduce himself as Mauricio, but will tell where you can search Umberto. Again failure, this time instead of Umberto you will fall into the paws of his brother, who will report that Umberto ran to hide in the jungle house. There, after him, the elusive killer, whom you should in place and finish. Find out the details of the personal life of some Alberta Banko, you can either at Don Pedro, or in the bar or by the police. Choose that more like. For 20,000, the chief policeman will reveal this secret: the killer worked for a person named Aztek, who can be found in the house high in the mountains, on another edge of the card.
You can get the right information from Aztec, but only after the seetings of him get off from the incomprehensible types surrounding the house. Allowed for about two minutes, helicopter will arrive at Aztec, which will bring you to a new place. He really hired a killer bank, but who was the customer, it makes it difficult to say. The order was made by phone. He also will say that Banko had to pick up documents from the Safety Depositor and will tell you his code. You will also become richer on one manual, this time on the control of helicopters. Finally, you can buy a weapon from the brother Aztec, the choice is varied, and the prices are reasonable.
Return to the editor and look at his safe. There you will find a note from the daughter who asks to find out who owns such an account in the bank. Therefore, to the bank. The director of this institution will first begin to drive Pargu about the secret of deposits and banking ethics, and then kindly agree to share with you about the account owner for 16,000 pesos. An account belongs to Experiential Electronics. Not far away is their factory. Go there and unwind everything from the factory director, just carefully – there is an ambush. The director will blame in all grave Don Diego and will advise to apply for certificates to Migel Rodriguez. The head of the checkpoint from Pueblo Faro you will learn that Miguel went to the mine. There you will find it, at the bottom of the labyrinth. Rodriguez will refuse to cooperate exactly until you donate a fake American passport. You can get this passport either from the mechanic in the city or at Don Pedro or from Johnson’s agent (as a reward for his service he will ask to remove the leader partisan). The mechanic should not take a passport, Miguel will take it, but the Pedro can be quite in itself, if you are able to scrape twenty thousand. Still don can sell you a piece of xenus for ten thousand.
Handing a passport of Migel, listen to his confused story, from which it turns out that the truth is worth searching for the Indians. The elder of the tribe, waiting for the top of the pyramid, will report that it would be not bad to save the stolen Indian Antonio, who is kept in the sharpening in the ruins nearby. Run to the ruins, go down the stairs down, shoot the guard and free from the camera Antonio. After he comes to herself, tells the strange thing. It seems that Don Diego and Don Pedro – the same face! The circle closed, it’s time to go to visit Villa Don Pedro. Think he will be there calmly wait for your visit? No matter how. You are to him, and he will wash the helicopter, only dust post. Now it should be wanted on the island in the southeast corner of the map.
Reaching the new asylum Don Pedro on the island (near the pier On the island you can steal the boat and shoot with it all the protection nearby) and talking to him, you will learn a lot of interesting. For example, Lisa is located in the secret scientific complex of Black Tower, located in the depths of the volcano, and that in this complex there are experiments on the control over the mind. As soon as you leave the house, the helicopter will arrive, from which the doctor will come out, will confirm the story of Pedro and will give you a certain chip. Say so that the enemies could not dig in your head. Then the doctor will fly away, and he could have a bad man, and throw it to a volcano.

In general, now keep the course on the volcano. As usual, you can get there in several ways. Taxi takes you to a filling station, from where the hand to send to the volcano herself, entered in the northeast corner of the map. Either on foot, or by killing a taxi driver and taking his car driving. Next to the volcano you will find a well-protected base, run inside the hangar and climb the stairs to the crane control levers. Click right, the container will rise, and you can start up the door under it. Large, metallic, with two sash – to open it click on the panel on the left. Position in the tunnel of the underground complex.
Come in the control room and take the plastic key card from the table. Then go up the stairs upstairs (you can look into the garage, but there is nothing interesting), and in the door with a blue panel next to the control room. To the left of the blue door will be the room with the scheme of the complex on the wall, and next to it one more, where the guard with the access card in the B sector is. Return to the Control Room, pass the big hangar with the emblem with the image of the sword on the wall. From “sword” to the right and immediately left, at the door with a yellow reading device. Upstairs on the stairs and at the door with exactly the same “lock”. There will be cameras with prisoners, run past them, through a room with flags and some generator. Soon be cast into a small greenhouse, go up to the second floor and go to a large flask, inside which electric discharges sparkle. To the left of it is a yellow door, and on the right – red.
Behind the yellow door, passing through the room with office fence, you will find the office of the Community Director. It will not say anything to him, but in his safe there is a card access to the sector C. Take it and go to the red door. Further run on the second floor through several rooms and corridors, until you refer to the ultimate goal of the search. Behind the door next to the flag, you will finally find the missing daughter Lizu. However, do not rush to rejoice. She is all embankment with wires, and the doctor will report that it cannot be turned off – will die. He will also advise to cut out the generator, blowing up eight compressors than we now and do.
Get out of the room to another door, run through the hall with flags (right there is a weapon with a large number of automata and grenade launchers) and in the door in the room with sofas. Another roller will start, in which you will begin to drip on the brains, the main villain – Alberto Karusso. It he rebuilt the entire scientific complex and built an antenna, with the help of which he wants to subordinate the minds of all locals. So that all the times have become calm and happy, and the war, trafficking in persons and drug business forever remained in the past. Myers will not succumb to persuasion about “bright future” and shoot. After scenes, run to the generator, the protection there will be not just a lot, but a lot, and it seems that the replenishment is constantly. Then destroy the compressors around the tower (only eight, two in four rooms). They can be blown up with TNT, and you can shoot from a grenade launcher. In that weapon that you recently run, this good full. When the last compressor takes off the air, watch the final video. Sol together with Lisa fly away by helicopter, while leining a curious conversation. It turns out, the daughter decided to leave journalism and go… Where would you think… in medicine! Says experienced doctors are required now in Nepal. Does it understand as a hint of continued? Wait and see.

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