Xenus. Boiling Point: Tips And Tactics

You can carry with you an unlimited amount of inventory – for example, the weight of your backpack 90 kg out of 90 available (scored to the top). Open inventory and throw something heavy. Then buy what you wanted. Mouse over to the box with what you have thrown out and press F12. Open the inventory – the weight of your backpack is 91 kg of 90 (or even more). And if you search the corpse, it is even easier – just guide the sight on the dead man and click F12.

When learn to manage the aircraft, break it down (lift it into the air and cut down, and in a few seconds to the explosion come out) and pull out the gun for one and a half thousand. Run back to the teacher – try again 1000 pesos. That is, you received that pistol in just 1000 peso and light contusion.

In Puerto Somabr, in the river between the hospital and the gangster camp, there is a bug – if you dive into the water and sail to the bridge and further, between the water sections, with the fish and without, there will be a place where you can walk along the bottom, ride and shoot from the bottomBy Fish.

If you have ended the cartridges to some weapons, select it, click the left mouse button and, not releasing, turn the wheel – then it will shoot.

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