Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal: Tips And Tactics

Best combination of fairies: nature, light, water, fire, ice.

Nature – if you chase perfection, then download the workshop, it will be the strongest, and so leave Viteria.
Light – Suanna, will find in the ruins at the end of the game, it will have to get along with the water to swing in Fay factory.
Water – better oceans no one has come up with anything.
Fire – Drakowin, and even better pixes to pump to the third level, but you have to be mad so much time to kill…
Loda – from aesthetic considerations, glacies. Although it is very convincing and according to the characteristics.


1) Fairy garden – at the very beginning of the game. I have nothing to be afraid there on the first pairs. Examine entirely before crossing the enchanted forest. We collect everything, understand how to play, fight, if possible, do not buy a lot of goods – on it can be cheaper. Look for secret sparkling places, chat with owls.

2) Enchanted forest – on the first locations of the Fairy level 10, but sometimes come across up to 30. On such, you can quickly gain experience, and I advise you to know how to kill them 15-18 levels, I will understand what they are able to – I assure it really. Try to catch Tinefol. Go goodbye through the forest, gain experience nevertheless. Visit Tiralin.

3) Tiralin – there are many quests, all of them are very profitable to pass, in particular, cellars. Against chaos chaos use nature, against darkness – water. The main quest – Rune Dunmor, opposite the shop where it is offered for 5 crystals, has a gnome shop, which sells these crystals is very cheap, but you should not buy them under the string, then they will meet them on the game with dozens simply lying on Earth.

4) Dunmore – figure out. Killing all 3 dark guards and their captain, you can return to the Dunmor shop, and there are now much more products, and they are very and very cheap. Next – the swamps should go, focusing on shimmering lights. They lead to the island in the middle of a swamp, where there is an elemental map of nature. With the active Fairy nature destroys spiny bushes.

Further, to be interested in playing, briefly: in the mountainous world, where you will fall later, there will be a tower of the gnomes and a lift into the world of clouds. The keys for its launch can also be found in a forest hut and, if not mistaken, in the mountains (ice world). For the ice world, it would be nice to have a fairy of the Tinefol, turned into a fairy of fire with the help of an evolutionary st1.

Finding into the world of clouds, you will get an elemental map of the stone that will help destroy stones. With its help in the most remote corners of Zanzara you will find many interesting locations. Including the monas, the village of Dwarves. Also, you will find Suanna in the world of clouds, which will have to exchange for participation in Tour Engineer on a large tree near Dunmor. Winning, you get an elemental air map, visit the air castle of a white druid in the world of clouds and get a heavy key. Further waiting for the secret sections of the enchanted forest, where you will get a fire map to descend in fiery caves. In fiery caves, be sure to capture the pixels, otherwise you will not go through the game.

Next you are finally waiting for the world of shadows. There is especially nothing to advise, only the fact that there is best to descend with the optimal combination of fairies (see above) and under the eyebreaker. In the middle there will have to find 3 bone keys, at the end there is an unexpected duel with 10 faces (or even more, I do not remember) at the same time. After that, the battle with Druid and Guardian will seem like a children’s fun.

End. Everyone is happy and fly to London. The curtain.

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