Call of Gods

Call of Gods
“Innova” Installed update 2.five “Call of Gods” on Russian MMORPG servers Aion. As a result, the game was played, at the same time becoming more friendly customizable to weak cars. The owners of the latter changes will certainly appreciate and approve.

In the content sense, the pastime was diversified for level 50 characters. They can now go on excursions to two new time zones and at the same time get armor with a weapon in addition for special signs. And also to disturb the vagueless points and some resources.

In addition, each class received two new skills, and some old were recycled. Well, hundreds of small details were added that all do not list, but you can see if you sign up for users of the game. For what “Innova” all of you (and even perhaps us) actively calls.

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